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What would you give for a chance to pass the Minnesota DMV permit test in 2019 without the hassle of attending a drivers education class, the pain of having to memorize the driver's manual by heart and the need to waste weeks on learning the rules of the road and traffic signs you need to know for your permit exam?  We've got the magic key for you - an all new free Minnesota DMV cheat sheet with permit practice test questions that take the art of preparing for the knowledge exam to the next level!

There is one thing we have to say straight from the beginning so there are no misunderstanding between us.  We do not condone cheating on the real permit test!  In fact, we see absolutely no sense in trying to fraud the DMV - the risks are too great and the amount of time and effort it takes outweighs any possible gains by far!  Yes, you heard us correctly, preparing for the MN drivers permit test, be that with the help of this Minnesota DMV cheat sheet or other study guides, takes significantly less time than trying to figure out a way to cheat on the DMV exam!

One of the most popular tactics among those trying to beat the system is to download a Minnesota DMV cheat sheet on their cell phone and then try to peek some permit test answers off this cheat sheet.  Really?  Do you, in all honesty, believe that the clerks at the DMV are so stupid as to not notice you doing that?  People get caught doing that and banned from DMV offices every day!  Do you think they just lost some time?  Wrong!  Most of these DMV cheat sheets are not free, they just got scammed!

That's why our online Minnesota DMV cheat sheet for the permit test concentrates on teaching you the driving rules you need to know instead of trying to teach you ways to slip one past the clerks.  This DMV cheat sheet is more like an extensive free MN DMV practice test, with numerous study aids to help you learn faster!  If you just came to this page and you have not taken any practice exams before, we recommend that you start with a Minnesota practice permit test for beginners that we have online, just so you can get accustomed to the system.  Practice quizzes for beginners have easier sample permit test questions, you can slowly ease into the world of driving rules and then work your way up this practice permit test cheat sheet!

Our free Minnesota DMV cheat sheet contains hundreds of sample questions for the 2019 Minnesota permit test.   Since the DMV cheat sheet follows the format the real test does, forty questions are selected every time you begin the exam.   This means you end up with a completely new DMV practice test whenever you refresh the page! By the way, if you don't want to lose results for the current quiz, keep your hands away from that refresh button, there will be no recovering once the page is reloaded!

What makes the online DMV cheat sheet different from the real Minnesota permit test simulator you might have already stumbled upon?  Good questions.  These are very similar practice permit tests, but what sets the online MN DMV cheat sheet apart from the permit test simulator is the presence of study aids.  The simulator was designed to show you what the real DMV exam is like and there are no study aids at the DMV!  The cheat sheet allows you to choose between receiving additional hints for permit test questions or hiding two incorrect answers from the screen altogether, making your life so much easier!  Yes, it is all right to "cheat" on this DMV practice test for MN, in fact, we encourage that!  Get all the cheating out of you right now so you are not tempted to do the same at the local office!