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Preparing for the permit test doesn't have to be hard and it shouldn't take much time.  Our Minnesota DMV practice test was created to prove the point!  With 20 sample questions, it only takes 5 minutes to complete and can be incorporated into virtually any schedule.  In fact, forget scheduling altogether, you don't have to!  Just take the practice test whenever you have a moment to spare - while you are commuting to school or work, while you're eating your lunch and even while you are waiting in that DMV line (last minute study studying can mean the difference between passing and failing the exam)! Five minutes of your time seems like not much, but these short sessions will add up and their effect will multiply! You can really prepare for the drivers permit test without having to spend hours reading the drivers manual!

All Minnesota DMV test question on this free practice test are multiple choice, with three or four answers provided for every question.   Only one of the answers is correct, so consider your choices carefully before you make a selection, you won't be able to change the answer once the system accepts it.  You will know whether you have answered the question correctly immediately, we believe that instant feedback is the only way to learn!  Forget about those MN DMV practice tests that have you complete the entire exam before displaying any results - we keep you updated at all times and let you know when you make a mistake right away, so you can memorize the right answer and never make the same mistake twice!  However, displaying the right answer is just half of the deal, it gets even better!  Whenever you miss a question, the DMV practice permit test will come up with a detailed explanation of the driving rule that is being discussed!  This is a huge time saver as you don't have to search for answers in the drivers manual anymore, the practice test makes the book completely needless and redundant!  Oh, and by the way, don't worry about writing these questions down as you go through the exam, there is absolutely no need to do so - you will get another opportunity to review all your answers once you complete the entire quiz!  Just like with any other free MN DMV practice test on the website, your results page will have a complete list of questions you have missed and your overall grade, the grade you can use to determine your next steps.  While we urge everyone to aim for the perfect score, you don't necessarily have to be able to answer every question on the test before you proceed to the next quiz.  A 90% grade (that's 18 correct answers out of 20 questions total) is a good indicator that you are ready for the step!

There is one question that worries every student - how does this 2020 Minnesota DMV practice test compare to the real exam, are these the questions you will get on the real test when you show up at the DMV doorstep?  We collect permit test questions from various sources - some of them are submitted to us by other users who have already taken the exam, some are based on the Minnesota permit test study guide and are developed in-house.  One thing you need to realize is that the DMV uses a large variety of different exam papers and there is absolutely to way of telling what questions will be on your real written test.  Your best bet is to cover as many bases as possible and treat every sample question like a potential DMV test candidate.  Don't worry, we've got enough questions to cover virtually every topic that is known to be on the DMV exam - our knowledge base contains well over 500 questions and we keep adding new ones all the time!  Just continue working on this MN DMV practice test and its siblings and by the time you are done with the whole line-up, there won't be anything the DMV could surprise you with!

Good luck at the DMV and don't forget to bookmark this free Minnesota DMV practice test (MN) 2020 so you can find it tomorrow!