The Louisiana road signs test contains 20 multiple-choice questions covering road signs and pavement markings. When the time comes to begin studying for the permit test, you can find everything you need to learn about road signs and pavement markings right here on this page. This includes a complete list of every road signs and pavement marking you could be questioned on during the OMV written test, a driver’s education course with a dedicated module on road signs and markings, plus a dedicated Louisiana driver’s ed practice test featuring real road sign questions!

If you fail the road signs portion of the permit test with a score of less than 16 correct permit test answers, you will be asked to take both the road signs test and the rules of the road test again. To make sure this does not happen, you must make sure you are ready for any road sign or pavement marking question which could be randomly selected for a spot on your paper. Scroll through the list of road signs and pavement markings on this page to see what you are up against. There are hundreds of road signs in common use around Louisiana, and you must be able to recognize them all. Fortunately, studying road signs for the permit test in Louisiana is not as difficult as you may think.

In addition to memorizing individual road signs for the permit test, you must familiarize yourself with road sign shapes, colors and categories. By understanding the connections between similar road signs, you can figure out the meaning of any road sign which comes up during the Louisiana drivers permit test, even if you have never laid eyes on it before. Road signs are categorized as warning signs, regulatory signs, guide signs or work zone signs; if you can identify which of these categories an unfamiliar road sign falls into based on its shape or color, you are halfway towards discerning its meaning. For example, as all warning signs are yellow diamonds, therefore you can associate any road sign image using this shape with a warning message and choose the answer from the multiple-choice selection on the permit test which seems most appropriate.

Eventually, you will learn to read all road signs and pavement markings just as comfortably as you can read the words on this page. It is essential that all motorists reach this level of proficiency with road signs, otherwise they may spend so long considering an unfamiliar sign that their attention is drawn away from the road. In the run up to the Louisiana road signs permit test, we strongly recommend working through the “Signs, Signals & Markings” section of our drivers education course. This will teach you about road signs shapes, colors, symbols and everything else you must know prior to the OMV test.

Studying road signs and pavement markings is not enough on its own. You must also practice using what you have learned to answer real-life DMV test questions, like those you will encounter on the Louisiana driving test. For this, use our free road signs practice driving test for Louisiana learners! Unlike most online quizzes, it only contains driving test questions relating to road signs and pavement markings. Ideally, you should use this DMV practice test regularly in the weeks prior to the real assessment, until you can comfortably answer more than 80% of the questions it contains correctly.

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