Any person seeking a learner’s permit in Louisiana must pass the OMV written test, which covers rules of the road, alcohol awareness and road signs. Once you have proven you know enough about these subjects by passing the assessment, you will be awarded a temporary license that qualifies you to start learning to drive. The resources you need to study for the Louisiana driving test can all be found on this page and are available free of charge. We also provide complete lessons on driving maneuvers, defensive driving techniques, managing hazardous conditions and everything else you must learn to pass the final road skills exam.

In Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans and elsewhere in Louisiana, the DMV permit test is split into two halves which must be taken on the same day. This includes a 30-question exam on rules of the road and a 20-question permit test on road signs and pavement markings. To pass the Louisiana DMV test, your knowledge must be equally strong in both areas. Failing either the road signs test or the road rules test will mean you must resit both side of the exam another day. The pass requirement for the road rules permit test is 24 correct answers out of the possible 30, while the road signs permit test demands 16 correct answers from the possible 20. There is a great deal of information you could be asked about during the DMV permit test, so it is important not to cut corners in your studies.

To get started, you will need a 2024 edition of the Louisiana driving manual. This handbook is issued by the DMV and is available for free PDF download from their website, or here on The manual lists every essential road rule and road sign which may feature on the 50-question drivers test, along with some other useful information about driving techniques, traffic violations and licensing requirements. While this DMV handbook is an essential learning tool, using it as your only source of information can make the revision process unnecessarily difficult. To keep your studies as simple and stress-free as possible, we have expanded the information in the driving manual to create a comprehensive driver’s education course for Louisiana applicants.

Our drivers ed course is entirely free to use and covers everything you will need to know to pass the permit test and the subsequent road skills driving test. Most importantly, it explores this information fully, using easily understood language and a ton of helpful images. You are free to jump back and forth between modules to suit what you’re currently working on and revisit previous chapters as often as you please. Prior to the initial general knowledge permit test in Louisiana, we recommend spending most of your time with the “Signs, Signals & Markings” and “Rules of the Road” modules. You should also check out the module dealing with drug and alcohol awareness, as this may be addressed during the exam.

When it comes to measuring your progress with this material, there can be no better self-assessment tools than the free Louisiana practice driving tests we provide here on Among our collection is a dedicated road signs and pavement markings DMV practice test and a selection of combination road rule and road sign quizzes which more closely resemble to content of the real permit test. To stand a solid chance of passing both sides of the DMV written test during your first attempt, you should aim to work through each of our Louisiana driving test practice quizzes until you can comfortably pass them with a score of over 80% every time.

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