Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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This learners permit practice test for Georgia road signs follows the idea of simple efficiency that stands behind all other practice exams on the site.  The practice permit test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover road signs and nothing but road signs.  Regulatory signs, warning signs, guide signs - we are about to test how familiar you are with all of these groups of traffic signs.  In order to pass this Georgia practice permit test, you will also need to demonstrate the ability to differentiate road signs by shape and color, an important skill the DDS always tests you on.  The skill may seem a bit silly right now, while you are sitting in a comfy chair in front of our computer or lie on the couch with a smartphone in the palm of your hand, but when you are driving on a highway, being blinded by snow or heavy rain, these skills may actually save your life.  There's always at least one Georgia DDS permit test question on this subject and if you want to score as many points as possible, you will make sure to familiarize yourself with the technique. 

Throughout this DDS practice test, you will be receiving immediate feedback on all of your actions.  This free GA learners permit practice test is graded on the go, as soon as you pick an answer, you know whether you have answered the question correctly and if you make a mistake, the system always shows you the right answer.  We believe that having this kind of instant feedback is the only efficient way to learn, having to wait until the end of the quiz to find out what GA permit test questions you have missed offers little to no value at all.  

Once you get through all of the sample questions on this Georgia permit practice test, you will see your overall grade and receive one more chance to review the questions you have missed. From this point, you can either repeat the road signs practice test once again or move on to the next practice permit test we have prepared for you. Your grades should serve as a good indication of what option you should pick and you should do your best to get your marks up into that zone of 18-20 correct answers every time.  We know this grade is somewhat higher than the DMV requires you to achieve in order to be awarded with a learner's permit, but if you are anything like us, you will try to guarantee yourself an easy pass and study this free road sign practice test for Georgia as much as possible before you go into the office!

Had difficulty with the real road sign test at the DDS?  Share your concerns and we will modify this free Georgia learners permit practice test (GA) 2019 to help you prepare better!  Enjoy the quiz and good luck at the office!