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We could spend hours telling you stories about the number of people failing the Georgia DDS permit test on their first attempt and how studying will improve your chances of passing the exam, but we don't want to waste any of your time, the time you can invest towards nailing a few extra driving rules before you head off to your local DDS office. This is why we are keeping this 2019 DDS practice test clean and simple - you can complete the exam whenever you have an extra 5 minutes to spare!  On the way to school, during your lunch break, before you go to bed - take a moment to complete this quick practice test and get another step closer to the learners permit!  We know you don't have much time and we are not throwing hundreds of Georgia permit test questions and answers at you, studying for the test must fit your schedule!

This new Georgia DDS practice permit test contains 20 questions that cover both road rules and road signs.  A common mistake we see among first-time test takers is not spending any time on studying road signs, as they are widely believed to be easy and common sense.  Do not underestimate the signs, more than a few students have failed the exam because they did not prepare for the sign test.  We believe in balance, this is why almost every free GA DDS practice test on the website includes at least a few questions on signs in addition to the rules of the road.

All sample DMV permit test questions on the exam are multiple choice and feature 3 or 4 answers.   Always consider your options carefully and read through all of the provided answers before you make your selection, you will not be able to change it later on.  Don't rush through the DDS quiz and be sure to read through all of the provided answers, even if it seems as if the first one you see on the screen is correct.  The DDS is always looking for the most thorough and complete answer, keep this in mind!

We believe that immediate feedback is extremely important for learning something fast and all of our online DDS practice tests for Georgia have been designed around this idea.  You don't have to finish the entire practice permit test to be informed that you missed a few questions on the way.  Sure, this kind of post-factum feedback does have some value, it's better than not having any feedback at all, but is it really as efficient as it can be?  We think not.  This is why our Georgia DDS permit practice test 2019 alerts you to any mistakes you make immediately as they take place!  Happened to select an incorrect answer? Not a problem!  Our GA DMV permit test will stop you and show you the right one!  We will also present you with a detailed explanation for that answer, increasing the retention rate for the materials and helping you to drive that answer deep into your mind! 

Want to increase your chances of passing the DDS permit test even further?  Then go ahead and download the 2019 Georgia DDS book right now!  Did you know that some students even call the drivers manual the "DDS practice book"?  That's because they know that the book has everything they need to pass the exam the first time!  The entire DDS drivers permit test is based on the information you can find in that book and when you combine reading the manual with our free DDS permit practice tests - you end up with a magic concoction from the DMV fairytale! Go ahead, grab yourself a copy of the book right now, it is completely free!

Enjoy this online Georgia DDS practice test (GA) 2019 and don't forget to write back once you pass the exam!