Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Don't you just wish there was a magic trick that could get you through the GA DDS test without as much as opening the drivers handbook?  We are not here to shatter your dreams, but trust us, whoever tries to sell you a solution that does not involve any studying is clearly trying to take you for a ride.  The fact is that passing the learners permit test takes some time and dedications, study tools, be that a DDS booklet, a practice permit test or a Georgia DDS permit test cheat sheet, can facilitate and speed up the process, but they will not work unless you are using them the right way!

What is a DDS cheat sheet, does it really allow you to cheat on the real permit test?  Well, not really and you should not even try to slip it past the clerks at the office.  Some people download a GA DDS cheat sheet to a cell phone and then attempt to peek a few answers off the cheat sheet during the test.  Bad idea.  If you are caught, you automatically fail your DDS test.  Most likely, you can also say goodbye to re-taking the permit test in near future.  The chances of you being caught?  Very high.  So do the smart thing and leave all permit test cheat sheets at home. 

What good is a GA DDS cheat sheet you can't take into the office with you?  It's great, provided you start making use of it well ahead of your permit test date.  The DMV cheat sheet allows you to see what kind of Georgia driving test questions and answers you can expect on the real exam, it helps you identify any driving rules you may not know so you can locate them in the DDS manual and commit them to memory.  Georgia practice permit tests work in a very similar fashion - they show you the questions you need to concentrate on and, hopefully, by the time you get to the office, you know every single one of them!

We have combined the best of both worlds to bring you our Georgia DDS Cheat Sheet 2019!  The cheat sheet is structured just like a real permit test, it has forty multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs and you need to answer at least thirty of these questions correctly to pass.  What makes the cheat sheet different from the real permit test is that there is no penalty for cheating here!  In fact, we have included additional study aids to help you cheat the test! Whenever you find yourself stuck at a question, just use the 'HELP ME" section and our free DDS practice permit test will guide you to the right answer!  Clicking the "HINT" button will provide you with more details on the question.  The "50/50" option immediately hides two incorrect answers from the screen.  Use one of these options or both of them whenever you cannot answer a question and you will pass this Georgia DDS  practice permit test in no time!

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you will not have these study aids at your local DDS office, so don't grow too comfortable in relying on them all the time.  Once you see that you are already doing quite well on this GA learners permit cheat sheet, switch over to the Permit Test Simulator. The simulator has hundreds of Georgia driving test questions and answers and it does not have any study aids built into it, so it will be just like taking real exam!