First time driver’s license applicants from Atlanta, Savannah, Athens and other Georgia cities can find everything they need to study for the permit test, right here on We are committed to providing every learner driver with free, high-quality study materials which are easily accessible, all under one roof. Studying for the GA DDS permit test can be stressful enough, without having to waste hours searching the internet for reliable learning tools! Stick with us and finding the right information will never be a problem. Are you ready to start your learner driver’s journey?

All new drivers are required to pass the 40-question DMV written test before they are legally allowed to practice driving maneuvers or operate a vehicle on public roadways. This permit test includes two, small 20-question exams which deal with rules of the road and road signs separately. There will also be some pavement marking questions on the road sign exam, and some alcohol awareness questions mixed in with rules of the road. The pass threshold is 75% on each portion of the Georgia permit test, which means you must answer at least 15 road rule questions and at least 15 road sign questions correctly. Coming in under this score on either side of the test will mean you fail the overall exam and will be asked to re-take it. To make sure this does not happen, use our free driver’s education course for 2024 applicants to guide your studies. The course has been built to accompany the state-specific information in the GA DDS permit book. Together, these resources provide all the knowledge you need to pass the DDS written test and become a safe, confident road user.

Head on over to our road signs page to find a complete list of every road sign and marking which may be addressed during the DDS test. Once you have started to memorize this material, find out how much information you have retained by answering some Georgia DDS test questions with our dedicated road signs permit practice test. Memorizing road signs is usually the most challenging aspect of the DMV written test, so it is best to begin working on it as soon as possible. When you move on to road rules and alcohol awareness, the material you will need to learn can be found in the “Rules of the Road” and “Impaired Driving” modules of our GA drivers ed course. In addition to our road signs quiz, we offer a selection of mixed road rule and road sign DDS permit practice tests. These will help you to gauge what you have learned about rules of the road, in preparation for the permit test.

Passing the Georgia permit test is a big milestone on your path to becoming a fully licensed driver, but there will still be a long way to go. Before you can drive unattended, you must demonstrate your ability to control the vehicle and execute essential maneuvers safely, by passing the DDS road skills driving test. During that assessment, an examiner will ride alongside you and observe your driving behavior in different situations. You do not have to be the most skilled driver on the planet to pass the exam, but you do need to show that you can perform basic maneuvers without endangering yourself, or any other road user. At this stage in your training, we recommend returning to the GA drivers ed course to learn about defensive driving, driving maneuvers, driver responsibility and other essential safety topics.

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