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We can't emphasize enough the importance of studying for the learner's permit test before you go to a local DDS office and attempt to pass the knowledge test.  We see people trying to pass the exam without as much as opening the DDS book or taking a single free Georgia learners permit practice test.  Do they pass?  Some do, maybe one or two in a hundred, but most of them fail miserably! Underestimating the permit test is common, people go in expecting to be tested on basic driving laws and when they hit questions on current statistics, traffic penalties or alcohol laws, they get lost.

There's another category of permit test takers, those who expend unimaginable resources trying to cheat the DDS!  They would spend time and money looking for magic DDS cheat sheets that would help them with the exam, then they try and use those cheat sheets during the test, either by downloading them to the phone or by having a print out stashed somewhere!  Needless to say, the risks of being caught outweighs the gains.  If you are observed cheating on the Georgia learners permit test, you automatically fail the exam and you may be banned from taking it for quite a while.

Finally, there is a smart bunch of people who invest a little time into learning the rules and pass the permit test the first time they take it!  Of course, there is no guarantee that everyone will pass, but the majority of those who do nail the test and they certainly do extremely better than people trying to "beat the system".  How do you end up among those who passed the learner's permit test the first time?  Easy, there are just a few simple steps you need to take!

There are two main study aids you should be using: a DDS booklet and our Georgia learners permit practice test (GA).  Both of these resources are completely free - the book can be downloaded from the DDS website and you can work on our learner's permit practice tests are much as you want right here, no one will ever ask you for a dime! 

This GA learners permit practice test 2019 is very similar to the real permit test in structure and the types of questions you get.  The practice quiz presents you with 20 multiple choice questions, each question having four answers.  You will see the right answer immediately after clicking on one of them and should you miss a question, you will get a detailed explanation of the rule covered by this learners permit test question.  Make sure you read all these explanation as you go through this DDS learners permit practice test, it will help you remember the answer and learn the rules much quicker!

Finally, in order to make learning even faster (and more fun), we have prepared a few additional study aids you could use while taking this free Georgia learners permit practice test (GA)! You can find these study aids under the "HELP ME" section.  Play around with the options and don't hesitate to ask for help whenever you are stuck!