When you are ready to start learning to drive, begin your journey by learning about pavement markings and road signs for the permit test in Alaska. Road signs and pavement markings are types of traffic control device, as they “control” the movement and behavior of traffic using a stretch of road. Your knowledge of road signs and pavement markings will be assessed during the AK DMV written test, to ensure you can interpret these devices well-enough to operate a vehicle on the roads safely. Thanks to our team here at ePermitTest.com, you now have a convenient and comprehensive source of study material for the permit test, as every road sign and pavement marking you may be questioned on during the exam is listed below on this page.

Some road signs and pavement markings are easy to understand, even for novice motorists. These obvious road signs often include words, like the “ONE WAY” regulatory sign, or the “DIVERSION” work zone sign. Most road signs and pavement markings do not include words, relying instead on a code of patterns, shapes, colors and symbols to convey their meaning. As an aspiring driver getting ready to take the Alaska DMV permit test, you must learn to “read” these features just as you read the words on this page. This is not as difficult as you might imagine, as the language of road signs and pavement markings is designed to be simple. These devices are created so that any motorist can glance at them and immediately understand their meaning, even while focused on the various other tasks associated with driving a vehicle. We discuss the concept of the language of road signs and explore what different shapes, colors and symbols mean, in a comprehensive module on our free driver’s education course for Alaska learners. This chapter is titled “Signs, Signals & Markings”; it makes a great place to start your learning journey, in preparation for the permit test.

So, how does the language of road signs and pavement markings work? The DMV assign fixed meanings to certain symbols, shapes and patterns. For example, yellow diamond-shaped signs are always a type of warning sign. When a motorist sees a yellow diamond up ahead, they know there is the potential for a hazardous situation to arise on the roadway and can reduce their speed accordingly. The pavement markings you will learn for the permit test DMV exam work in a similar way, though they rely on patterns more so than colors and shapes. For instance, painted lines are used to separate driving lanes, opposing streams of traffic and the edge of every roadway. A broken painted line means that motorists may pass across it (when the circumstances are safe), whereas a solid painted line means that crossing over it is forbidden. With these useful snippets of information up your sleeve, you should be able to work out the answer to any road sign or pavement marking question on the Alaska DMV test, even if you have never seen that particular road sign or pavement marking before.

On the subject of the DMV permit test, it can be useful to know exactly what you will be up against during the exam, while preparing for it. For this reason, our team have put together a selection of free and incredibly authentic DMV practice permit test quizzes, specifically for Alaska students. Among these revision tools is a dedicated road signs AK DMV practice test which contains nothing but realistic road sign and pavement marking questions. Why not take it for a test drive right now?

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