The Alaska DMV written test for 2023 applicants is the first obstacle standing between you and the driver’s license you hope to obtain. This exam exists to ensure that all trainee drivers using our roadways have the minimum acceptable level of knowledge regarding rules of the road, road signs and pavement markings, to avoid making dangerous errors while learning to drive. To get through the AK permit test with a passing grade, you must immerse yourself in the study of road rules, road signs and pavement markings, while spending as much time as possible working on DMV test practice questions. You will find all the information and resources required to achieve this, right here on

This information is aimed at student drivers from Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and elsewhere in Alaska. While road signs are largely the same across the United States, rules of the road can differ quite a lot from one state to the next. The size and make-up of the DMV permit test varies too. Here in Alaska, the exam you take will contain 20 multiple-choice questions, with no clear separation between road rules and road sign questions. To earn your learner’s permit, you must provide no less than 16 correct permit test answers during the assessment. This is harder than you might think, as there is no way to predict which permit test questions will appear during the randomized test. The DMV database of possible permit test questions is vast, featuring hundreds of questions on seat belt laws, passenger laws, regulatory signs, right-of-way rules, warning signs, intersection use, guide signs, pavement markings, parking rules, work zone signs and dozens of other essential topics.

The information you need to pass the Alaska permit test is listed in the 2023 driving manual. However, it is spread across various chapters of the guide and not always that easy to find. To make sure you do not accidentally skip over anything important while studying for the Alaska DMV learners permit test, we have condensed every essential road rule into one manageable module on our free driver’s education course. The program also includes a comprehensive chapter on road signs and pavement markings, to accompany the revision material listed on our road signs home page. While you are studying for the permit test, it would be wise to skip directly to these two driver’s ed sections, titled “Signs, Signals & Markings” and “Rules of the Road”. There is a ton of other vital information in other chapters of our course, though it will not become relevant until after you have passed the DMV permit test and are ready to start working on your practical driving skills. You are free to read through these modules whenever you like, though you should avoid delving in too deeply to anything that is not addressed during the general knowledge DMV written test.

As you are probably aware, the next stage of your driver’s training will involve familiarizing yourself with your vehicle, learning to control it and practicing essential driving maneuvers in preparation for the final road skills exam. You will also need to read about nighttime driving and driving in inclement weather conditions, before attempting either of these things as a new driver. Rest assured that our Alaska driver’s education course covers everything, with bite-sized lessons, fantastic images and handy step-by-step guides.

Now that you are ready to start studying for the DMV permit test, why not begin with one of our free Alaska DMV practice tests? You can revisit each test as many times as you like to work on your score. For now, use the realistic permit test questions they contain to give you a taste of what the real-life DMV test will be like.

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