In preparation for the Pennsylvania DMV permit test, prospective drivers must spend time memorizing road signs, signals and pavement markings. Knowing some of the more common road signs will not be enough to get you through the assessment with a pass, so do not make the mistake of thinking you can get by with the knowledge you have already gained through being a passenger. If you are not sure which pavement markings and road signs the PennDOT permit test will address, you have come to the right place! On this page, we have compiled every regulatory sign, work zone sign, guide sign, warning sign and pavement marking you will need to study in the run up to the exam.

Neglecting road signs and pavement markings when studying for the DMV written test is a mistake which often costs new applicants a learner’s permit. Unfortunately, people often assume that the PA permit test will be easy to pass as it only contains 18 multiple-choice questions. While it is true that the permit test in Pennsylvania is the shortest in the United States, it is no easier to pass than any other state’s written exam. Remember that the PennDOT test is randomized, so it is impossible to predict which road rule and road sign questions you will be expected to answer when sitting the assessment. In the PA database, there are over 300 permit test questions, many of which target road signs and pavement markings. To perform well during the road sign portion of the exam, you will need to commit every road sign listed on this page to memory. Looking at the sheer number of road signs in each category, you may think that memorizing them all is an impossible task! Don’t worry, our fantastic learning resources and guidance will see you through it.

Many common road signs are immediately recognizable, even for permit applicants who have never driven before. Signs like “STOP”, “YIELD”, “DO NOT ENTER” and “ONE WAY” occur frequently on public roadways and are quite clear in their meaning. However, there are hundreds of less common road signs which may appear on the 2024 PA permit test. If you encounter a road sign you are not familiar with during the DMV test, you will need to use your common sense and knowledge of road sign categories to figure out what it means. Across the entire United States, road signs of similar meanings often share common colors and shapes. For example, guide signs are generally blue or green rectangles, whereas warning signs are yellow diamonds. Learning to spot these patterns is one of the smartest things you can do to ensure a good performance on the road signs portion of the PennDOT written test. Understanding how color and shape relates to general meaning will help you to accurately guess the answers to road sign permit test questions, even if you have never seen a particular road sign before.

The “Signs, Signals & Markings” section of our free PA driver’s education course will teach you everything you need to know about categories of road sign for the permit test. If you are not sure where to begin your studies, working through the drivers ed course is the best option. As your pavement marking and road sign knowledge grows, you can reinforce what you have learned with one of our dedicated PA permit practice test quizzes. Unlike most other free online resources, our DMV practice test focuses exclusively on road sign questions!

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