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Road signs are easy to ignore and more than a single student has left them out of his permit test study plan.  It's understandable - we are exposed to traffic signs from a very early age, we see them on the street virtually every day and we grow comfortable in the belief that Oklahoma road signs hold no surprises to us, so we dedicate whatever study time we have available to us to studying the "important" subjects, such as legal blood alcohol content, speed limits, traffic penalties - all those things we consider to be "hard".  A common mistake that can easily result in a failed permit test and cost you a learners permit.  A fact that is not realized by those who go into the office without taking a single Oklahoma practice permit test on road signs is that those "complex" topics will contribute no more than one or two questions to the driving permit test, yet as much as a third of the knowledge exam can be dedicated to signs!  This is huge and this pretty much makes Oklahoma road signs the most important topic on the exam!  Remember this and allow yourself ample time to work on this and other Oklahoma road sign practice tests on the website!  Keep in mind that recognizing traffic signs on sight and telling them apart is not the only skill you are required to demonstrate during the exam.  Questions that require you to identify Oklahoma road signs by their shape and color are quite common and you can expect to see them on virtually every test paper.  The skill may seem a little silly to you right now, when you're seated in front of the computer, working on this road signs practice permit test, but when you are out there on the road and it's pouring down, being able to recognize traffic signs from a vague shape can mean the difference between life and death!   Make sure you learn the difference between regulatory, warning and guide signs and know their corresponding shapes and colors!

Those who have already had a chance to play around with regular road sign practice test know the format we have chosen for the exam.  Our Oklahoma practice permit test features 20 multiple choice questions, with four answers provided for every question and only one of these answers being correct.  You cannot change the answer once you indicate your choice, so consider your options carefully before placing your bets.  If you don't know the answer to the question, use integrated study aids and try to work out the correct answer.  You will be alerted to any mistake you make the instant it takes place - whenever you answer a question incorrectly, the system places the exam on pause and highlights your answer in red to draw your attention to the fact that it is incorrect.  The right answer will be displayed in green next to the one you have chosen and the system will furnish a detailed explanation for that answer so you do not have to waste your time on browsing the drivers manual in the middle of the test.  Once you cover all 20 questions, our free Oklahoma practice permit test will display your overall score, along with a list of questions you have missed so you can review them.   Take a moment to go over the list before you do the practice test again and use your grades to pinpoint the moment when you may want to move up to the next sample exam.  While you are definitely free to use any benchmarks you want and we usually recommend that you upgrade to the next exam as soon as you hit the 90% mark, we believe that when it comes to road signs, you must try and answer all 20 questions correctly before moving on. 

If you are having trouble learning the signs, you should look towards obtaining some Oklahoma road sign study sheets.  Commercial driving schools may charge you for study sheets, but you can get by with free options that are available out there on the web.  Your 2020 Oklahoma drivers manual is the first place to look, it has a list of the traffic signs you need to know for the written permit test and you can easily make them into study sheets!  Download a pdf file with the book to your computer, select all pages that contain road signs and print them out, then post them onto the wall next to the screen.  Having a list of all Oklahoma road signs along with their pictures in front of you at all times will help you memorize the signs easier.

Enjoy this free Oklahoma permit practice test (OK) 2020 on road signs and check out other sample quizzes on the website!