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Finally, a study tool for the real world!   With hundreds of sample questions and answers for the 2019 Oklahoma drivers permit test, useful study aids and hacks that will get you through particularly hard problems! A free Oklahoma DMV permit test cheat sheet that will blow your mind away and help you nail the real permit test the first time you take it!  Works for everyone, even those who don't believe in cheating on the permit test!  Stop reading this right now and start studying, this Oklahoma DMV cheat sheet 2019 isn't going to get done on its own!

Now, let us make one thing clear from the start: we do not believe in cheating when it comes to taking the Oklahoma DPS exam.  The only person you end up cheating is yourself.  We know you think you are going to save yourself a lot of time by not studying for the Oklahoma permit test, but you really won't.  In fact, you are risking wasting significantly more time on trying to cheat the DPS than you would have spent on preparing for the DMV exam.  And we are not only talking about the situation when you get caught cheating by the clerks, your test is failed, you lose money and you possibly get banned from the DMV office.  We are referring to the time it will take you to locate a decent Oklahoma permit test cheat sheet and learn how to use it so you don't get caught.  Don't think that you can simply download the first DMV cheat sheet you find online and be done with it - most of those online cheat sheets are not even state-specific or may be hopelessly outdated.   And forget about freebies, you will most likely have to cough up at least a few bucks for a single test paper!  So here you are, already investing time and money into something that is not even likely to work in the end!

Our free Oklahoma DMV cheat sheet was created with all those things in mind, we went a completely different way.  You might have already realized that our cheat sheet is really a massive practice permit test, and you are absolutely right, that is exactly what this cheat sheet is!  An Oklahoma DMV practice permit test that follows the same format the real test does and contains hundreds of multiple choice questions for you to study!  We are not kidding when we say that the quiz contains hundreds of questions, even though you only see 50 of them every time you take the quiz, these 50 questions are drawn randomly from a knowledge base that contains over 500 Oklahoma permit test questions and answers and we keep on adding new ones on a constant basis!

The DMV cheat sheet is tailored to the format of the real 2019 Oklahoma permit test.  This means you will need to answer no less than 40 questions correctly if you want to pass.  Like any other online drivers permit practice test on the website, the permit test cheat sheet offers immediate response during the exam, you see which questions you've answered correctly and which ones you have missed right there on the spot, you don't have to finish the whole exam to find out where you went wrong.  Road signs and road rules, there is really no single topic this practice permit test concentrates on, it is every bit as comprehensive as the real DMV exam!

What makes this free Oklahoma DPS test cheat sheet different from the permit test simulator you see right alongside, after all, they are both tailored to the real exam and use the same knowledge base of permit test questions and answers.  Well, it's the study aids!  Unlike the simulator, our DMV permit test cheat sheet allows you to call upon study aids while taking the practice test.  And we are not talking just about keeping a copy of the drivers manual by your side.  We have integrated a number of study aids right into the system to make learning faster, most efficient, and fun!  If you have not had a chance to experience these study aids when working on other practice exams, be sure to check them out now!