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If you are pondering the idea of going into the DMV office and taking the drivers permit test without studying first, consider this simple fact - more than half of all drivers license applicants who take the written knowledge test fail the exam the first time around. This includes those who have chosen to study, this means that failure rates among those who were attempting to wing the exam are significantly higher and the odds of you walking out of that DMV office with a drivers permit in your pocket as insubstantial, yet thousands of people keep on repeating the same mistake year after year.  What are the excuses they make to justify not studying?  Most blame their lack of time, some believe that Oklahoma permit test questions are "common knowledge", others open the drivers manual once just to get smitten by the amount of materials in the book and never attempt to study again.  Whatever your excuse is - you will need to get past it and start studying for the knowledge exam if you don't want to make a habit of paying repeat visits to your local DMV office.  Our free Oklahoma drivers permit practice test addresses some of the most common issues met by first-time tests takers and helps you prepare for the test without spending any more time on it than you really have to!

We know how valuable your time is and that you would rather be doing some of the things you love instead of spending hours in front of the computer screen, studying for the drivers permit test.  Well, you can do just that!  We are here to tell you that you don't have to do lengthy study sessions, completing this Oklahoma practice permit test takes less than 5 minutes, anyone can do that!  And the good news is that you don't even have to be at home to study - sign into the practice test from your iPhone and complete the exam while you're riding to school, during your lunch break or while you're hanging out outside with your friends on a Sunday afternoon!  Seriously, whenever you have a moment to spare, just sign into the website and complete this free Oklahoma drivers ed practice test once or twice!  Five minutes may not seem like much, and it really isn't, but these small study sessions will keep on adding up and you will end up learning everything you need to know for the driving permit test!  The key is to start as early as possible (we recommend that you begin at least two weeks in advance) and work on the practice permit test frequently!

We know how overwhelming the drivers permit test may be and this is why we have chosen to include only 20 multiple choice questions into this practice test.  Any task becomes manageable once you break it down into a series of small steps and this is exactly what this 2020 practice permit test does for you!  Instead of throwing hundreds of Oklahoma permit test questions and answers, the exam allows you to concentrate on a small piece of information, helping you to stay focused and motivated.  And by the way, if you are the kind of a person who likes massive exams with hundreds of questions in them - we've got those too and you will get there in due time, the permit test Simulator (the ultimate challenge you will complete before you head off to the drivers license office) contains over 500 sample questions on road signs and traffic rules, enough to keep you occupied for days!

By the way, have a look at the Oklahoma drivers manual if you have not done so yet.  While the book may seem somewhat overwhelming at first, it does hold great value to anyone who wants to pass the written knowledge test the first time and it compliments this online Oklahoma drivers practice test quite well. The entire DMV written test is based on the information you can find in that manual and nothing else, this automatically makes the manual THE best permit test study guide out there!  It is free too, so why not check it out?

If you have any questions or suggestions about this free Oklahoma permit practice test 2020, please drop them into the comment box and we will be happy to help you!  Good luck at the DPS office!