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Road signs make up a substantial part of the Oklahoma permit test and we couldn't pass by without creating a practice permit test that will help you learn all road signs that appear on the knowledge exam!  Our 2020 Oklahoma road signs practice test does just that - teaches you everything you need to know about road signs to nail the written test the first time you take it!  Knowing the most important signs by heart, differentiating traffic signs by shape and color, recognizing sign groups and being able to tell the difference between them - our practice test does all that and more!

If you are tired of road signs practice tests that don't have a single image in them? You have come to the right place!  Our road signs practice test for Oklahoma is absolutely loaded with great images of road signs and intersections where these signs may be used!  An image is worth a thousand words - couldn't be more true when it comes to studying traffic signs!

The test contains just 20 Oklahoma permit test questions, so it will not take long to complete! In fact, it will probably take longer for you to read this than to take the practice test, so stop reading and start answering questions away.  Just like on the real knowledge test, the passing score is 80%, this means you will need to answer at least 16 questions correctly but that's just your bare minimum and we advise that you aim much higher.  90% or higher is great, overachievers should work towards attaining the perfect score!  Don't forget to brag about it in comments so everyone knows how cool you are!

Studying hard or studying smart?  We believe in the second option.  Studying lots of different materials from hundreds of different sources doesn't always help, especially if you are studying wrong stuff.  There are many sample exams out there, yet most of them are generic and not tailored to the real permit test you will take at the DPS.  Our online Oklahoma practice permit test on road signs is based on the latest version of the Oklahoma drivers manual, the same book the DPS uses to draw questions for your written test, so you can be sure you are studying exactly what's going to be on the test! We take pride at constantly verifying and updating our practice permit tests and our exams are always up to speed! All of our practice quizzes are good for the 2020 permit test and it will get you through the real exam no matter what part of the state you live in, be that Oklahoma City, Edmond, Broken Arrow or Tulsa.  

Here is another piece of cake for you - all practice permit tests at ePermitTest.com are free! Yes, we've just said it - a completely free Oklahoma road signs practice test with unlimited multiple choice questions that will help you nail the permit test the first time!  Take it now and good luck at the DPS!