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Preparing for the New York permit test has never been easier than today!  Seriously, it hasn't!  You can learn absolutely everything you need to know to pass the exam the first time without as much as leaving your house!  Back in the days, you had to go to the DMV, you had to pick up a copy of the official drivers manual (you had to pay for it too), you had to attend drivers ed classes... The Internet has changed all of that!  The book can be read online, downloaded to your computer or smartphone, printed out... Driver's education classes can be taken online... And there are literally hundreds of NYC permit test questions and answers online, just waiting for you to start learning them! 

Those who have researched the NY permit test at least a little know that road signs are an essential part of the exam and that there is simply no passing the test without them.  Every NY DMV test paper has four questions that cover traffic signs and you cannot miss more than two of them.  That's right, this section of the knowledge test is graded separately from the rest of the exam and you will not be awarded a learners permit unless you can answer at least two questions on road signs correctly (this does not dismiss the fact that you will also need to answer no less than 14 questions total).  This is why taking practice quizzes like this New York practice permit test on road signs is so important, you have to prepare for the challenge you will face at the DMV office, you have to be ready for whatever surprise the DMV can come up with!

Those who have taken regular practice permit test on New York road signs know the drill - the practice quiz consists of multiple choice questions on road signs, three or four answers for every question, only one of them is correct, the exam is being graded on the fly, yada yada yada.  Here is something that is different, though.  Unlike regular practice tests that use a fixed set of questions that is presented to you every time, no matter how many times you take them, this free New York permit practice test on road signs utilizes a completely different approach when choosing questions for the exam.  Whenever you sign into this page, the system selects 20 random questions on NYC road signs and builds a custom quiz for you right here on the spot!  Do you know what this means?  A new unique road sign practice test every time!  The opportunity to learn here is really boundless!

Remember, the only way to fail is not to do anything at all!  Invest sufficient time into studying road signs and traffic rules and we guarantee that you pass the DMV written test on your first visit!  What time do we consider to be sufficient?  It really varies by the person, some grasp the rules by spending just couple of hours on practice quizzes, others need a bit more coaching and may want to read the official New York DMV permit test study guide, there's really no telling until you begin studying for the exam!  Just watch your grades and move on to the next NY practice permit test whenever you can answer no less than 90% of provided questions correctly.  You have to be able to do it consistently, to make sure that your grade was not a fluke! 

Keep working on this free New York practice permit test (NY) 2019 and please share your thoughts through the comment box above, we love hearing from you!