Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Preparing for the DMV exam with the help of this NYS road sign practice test is extremely easy.  The practice test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover road signs you are likely to encounter during the real exam.  A number of skills are being assessed by the practice quiz, you will need to demonstrate the ability to identify traffic signs based on their shape, their color, you will be expected to know how to react when you see a certain sign, be able to differentiate between different groups of road signs.  The skills that are being tested on this practice quiz are the same skills the DMV wants you to exhibit, so don't dismiss a question only because it seems "silly" or "unimportant" to you.

As you continue through the New York road sign practice test, your progress will be monitored by the system.  Whenever you answer a sample question incorrectly, the exam will stop you and display the correct answer right there on the spot.  The NY practice permit test will also provide you with more details regarding the sign in question, so you can memorize it better and never make the same mistake twice.  Don't worry if you miss too many questions the first time and remember, there are no failures, just opportunities.  Regardless of the number of questions you miss on your first attempt, you have a chance to repeat the practice permit test again and correct these mistakes.  In fact, you can keep on repeating this New York DMV road sign practice test as many times as you need to attain a grade you will be satisfied with!  Remember, this is a free NY DMV practice test, the only thing it cost you is your time!

How do you know when it is time to stop working on this practice exam and move on to the next quiz?  There is a rule of thumb we recommend you to use while working on any sample practice test on the website.  Whenever you complete a DMV practice test, check the results page for your final grade.  18 correct answers, out of 20 questions total - awesome grade, time to learn something new! 16-17 correct answers - not bad, but you should probably spend a little more time on studying the same set of sample NY permit test questions until your grade improves.  Anything less than 16 correct answers - definitely keep working on the road sign practice quiz, might even want to pick up a copy of the drivers manual and go though the book at least once. 

Since we have mentioned the book, we wanted to stop and talk about it a little more.  We know that most of the first-time DMV learners permit applicants choose not to read the book and wanted to warn you against making the same error.  Seriously, don't! You will never find a better NYS DMV permit test study guide than this free manual provided by the DMV absolutely free of charge!  Not sure if you are aware of this fact, but the DMV exam is based only on the information you can find in the book!  If it's not in the manual, it's not on the test!  This really makes the book an invaluable resource you cannot afford to ignore! Combine reading the manual with this DMV road signs practice test and other New York practice permit tests on the website and you've got yourself a weapon of mass-destruction that will carry you through the knowledge test like a charm!  

Keep studying traffic signs with the help of this free New York DMV road signs practice test (NY) 2019 and good luck on your visit to the office!  Don't forget to share your experience with others in the comment box above!