Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Here is one thing you probably don't hear often: we want you to cheat on this DMV practice permit test!  That's right, this online NYS DMV permit test cheat sheet was built to bring the worst out of you and to allow you to cheat the heck out of these practice permit tests! Mind you, we don't condone cheating on the real permit test and would never advise you to attempt that, but here, in a "strictly controlled" environment, cheating is not only not frowned upon, it is welcome! So get your cheating groove on and let's boogie!

So many people out there are looking for a way to beat the system and get ahead of the DMV on the permit test, wasting literally hours of time just researching the possibility and ways of cheating.  To us, that's a waste of time that could have been invested into studying and preparing for the test itself, so you would not have to cheat!  You may say that's studying takes too much time and it is boring - we won't agree with you!  Preparing for the permit test does not have to be dull and our 2019 NY DMV permit test cheat sheet is here to prove it! 

So what is this cheat sheet about? Well, it's quite similar to the New York state permit test simulator we have online, with one small, but crucial difference.  While the simulator practice permit test was built to emulate the real permit test as much as possible and so it will not offer you any assistance throughout the exam, the DMV cheat sheet has a number of study aids built into the system, allowing you to "cheat" on any question you may have troubles with!  Everything else is essentially the same and this DMV cheat sheet is extremely similar to the real permit test: highly similar questions, the same number of questions on the quiz and an identical grading system!

Right now, there are two ways you can cheat on this New York DMV practice permit test: by choosing to receive hints throughout the test or by selecting the 50/50 option.  Hitting the "hint" button will provide you with a more details on the question, gently steering you towards the right answer.  If you find that the hint does not do it for you - shoot for the 50/50 button that will hide two out of four answers on the test, leaving you to decide between the remaining two options.  We recommend that you always use the "HINT" button first and turn to the "50/50" option only as your last resort.

If you ever find yourself stuck and you find that these study aids do not do it for you, make sure to pick up a copy of the drivers manual! Seriously, if we were to pick the ultimate New York State DMV permit test cheat sheet, the 2019 drivers handbook would win the title in a blink of an eye, since it contains answers to all NY permit test questions! You heard us correctly - everything you need is in that book, the DMV bases the whole permit test on the information in the manual!  Practice permit tests and DMV cheat sheets is just a way to make learning the rules of the road and traffic signs a bit more fun and to provide you with options, that's all!  So whenever you have troubles with any of our New York driving permit test questions and answers, just open the book and find the answer there!