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If we were asked to rate DMV knowledge exams across the country by the level of difficulty, the NY drivers permit test would be somewhere at the bottom of the list, with a score of 3 on the scale of 10.  It's not exceptionally hard, with most of the questions being common sense.  It's not particularly large - only 19 questions total, 4 of them covering New York road signs.  You don't have to achieve a high score to pass - the 70% passing grade is well below the 80% nation average.  Yet more than a half of first time test takers fail the NY DMV permit test the first time they take it.  People tend to overestimate their proficiency in road rules, it's a fact we all need to accept and learn to deal with.  Yes, most of the questions on the New York permit test are common sense.  They are.  This doesn't change the fact that you won't be able to answer even these common sense questions if you don't study.  Don't make this mistake, prepare for the exam with the help of this New York permit practice test and nail the exam on your first visit to the DMV!

Those who have already completed the first NY learners permit practice test on the website (do we even need to mention that if you have not completed the first quiz yet, now is the time to drop everything else you're doing and take it?) won't need any explaining on how to operate the practice quiz, but let's summarize it for everyone else.  Every time you access this page, the NY permit practice test presents you with 20 questions that cover a broad range of driving rules and road signs. You are expected to demonstrate competence in such subjects as going through railroad crossings, reading pavement markings, sharing the road with emergency vehicles, large trucks, bicyclists and motorcyclists, determining who has the right-of-way, parking on hills and driving in hazardous conditions. While this may seem like a lot to take in for just a single practice permit test, we can assure you that the exam is well-balanced and you will be able to learn the answers to all of these NY permit test questions in the matter of minutes!  We believe that immediate feedback is the only way to learn fast and that is exactly what this free NY permit practice test will provide you - instant feedback every time you answer a question!  Whenever you happen to answer a question incorrectly, the practice exam stops you, displays the right answer next to the one you have chosen and provides you with an explanation for the correct answer.  We want to bring your attention to the fact that skimping on reading these explanations won't save you any time in the long run.  Reading the explanation for the answer whenever you miss a question helps you remember it better and whatever time you invest into following this system, you will make up later on by not having to repeat the quiz over and over again. 

Looking for more study resources?  We applaud your zeal!  If you are out for a free NYS permit test study guide, nothing works better than the official drivers manual.  There is a good reason why the manual is frequently referred to as the "permit book" - the entire DMV knowledge test is based on the information you can find in the booklet, they even tell you which chapters to read!  Sure, you can pass the written exam just by studying this NY DMV permit practice test, but why not maximize your chances, especially if the only thing it cost you is time?  The practice permit test is free, the permit test booklet is free, two of them combined - priceless! Don't ignore this opportunity just because you didn't have to cough up a few hundred dollars for it, the price charged for a drivers education class.

Good luck at your local DMV office and don't hesitate to share any of the suggestions you may have about this free New York permit practice test (NY) 2019, we love hearing from you!