Learning about pavement markings and road signs for the permit test should be your priority, as soon as you are ready to begin learning to drive. All the road signs and markings you need to learn are listed on this page, giving you a convenient place to revisit the material over the coming days and weeks while you study. In addition to this essential information, we offer a driver’s education course for New Mexico learners, PDF downloads of the 2024 permit book and an impressive selection of road sign MVD practice tests – all free of charge!

You probably know a little about road signs and pavement markings already, if you have spent much time riding alongside a qualified driver. Scroll through the list of signs on this page and see how many you can identify. Many regulatory signs are easy to understand, as they feature words which explain their meaning. “STOP”, “YIELD” and “WRONG WAY” are three obvious examples of this kind of road sign. However, there are hundreds of other regulatory signs, warning signs, guide signs and work zone signs which rely exclusively on symbols, colors and shapes to convey their meaning. While studying for the NM MVD permit test, you should use the “Signs, Signals & Markings” section of our free driver’s education course to get to grips with the language of road signs. Once you know what a certain color or shape usually means, it is considerably easier to work out the overall meaning of a road sign you do not immediately recognize. This will prove extremely useful during the DMV written test, should you find yourself drawing a blank with any road sign questions.

Pavement markings are also covered during the road signs module of our New Mexico drivers ed course. Here, you can learn how the different patterns, lines and shapes painted on the surface of the road serve to control the flow of traffic and let motorists know where they may and may not drive. Like road signs, pavement markings use a language of sorts to convey their meaning. For example, yellow lines are used to mark the edge of a roadway. Solid lines cannot be crossed, whereas broken lines can under certain circumstances. Understanding how pavement markings work is essential for the NM permit test but also for when you get behind the wheel and start learning to drive. If you do not recognize and obey pavement markings, you will quickly find yourself getting into conflicts with other road users.

When you think you have learned all there is to know about pavement markings and road signs for the permit test in New Mexico – what next? Before you can safely go and take the general knowledge MVD test and expect to pass it, you should dedicate some study time to answering realistic permit test questions with the information you have acquired. There may be one or two road sign questions in the New Mexico driver’s manual, but not enough to address every road sign and pavement marking on this page. For that, you will need our road signs MVD written practice test for NM students. Unlike most free online quizzes, this MVD test practice quiz includes genuine questions from real exam papers and only targets road signs. It makes the ideal self-assessment tool to put your knowledge to the test, before you take a chance on the real New Mexico permit test. Like all our resources, the road signs quiz is available for unlimited access. So, why not take it for a spin now to get a taste of what you are working towards?

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