Studying for the road signs portion of the NJ permit test can be a little intimidating, as there are and enormous number of road signs and pavement markings which could come up during the assessment. Scroll down this page and you will find a complete list of every warning sign, regulatory sign, guide sign and work zone sign from the DMV handbook you must be able to recognise to pass the permit test and drive safely with your learner’s permit. Though this may seem like a lot of work, you will find that remembering road signs and pavement markings is relatively easy. Follow our guidance and use the road sign resources we provide, and you will be up-to-speed before you know it.

The 2024 New Jersey permit test contains 50 multiple-choice questions, covering a random mix of road rules and road signs. You may end up with just a handful of road sign questions, or you may end up with dozens. To make sure you can pass the DMV written test first time with a score of 40 correct permit test answers or more, you will need to be ready for anything. Learning road signs with the driving manual can be confusing, so we have taken the liberty of organizing everything you need to know into five main categories: pavement markings, warning signs, guide signs, work zone signs and regulatory signs. All road signs in a certain category share color and shape characteristics, to make it easy for road users to understand the general meaning of the sign from a distance, relatively quickly. You can use this to your advantage during the NJ DMV written test! If a road sign which you have never encountered before comes up on the exam, you need only look at its shape, color and the symbol or writing it contains to derive its meaning. Why not have a go at working out some road signs using this method now? Our dedicated road sign DMV practice test is free to use and contains nothing but legitimate road sign-related permit test questions.

Keep in mind that passing one or two New Jersey DMV practice tests does not mean you know enough about road signs to pass the general knowledge DMV test. In addition to using our quizzes, you should study the information on this page, read the official 2024 driving manual and work through the “Signs, Signals & Markings” section of our NJ driver’s education course. As you become more confident with road signs and pavement markings, you can start working on our road sign practice permit test more frequently, to reinforce your knowledge and work toward a higher score. Some of our tests present the same set of permit test questions each time you use them, while others will generate a new set of questions each round. Make sure you work through both types of quiz to gain access to as many realistic road sign test questions as possible.

Pavement markings are an often-overlooked topic on the New Jersey learners permit test. It is very likely you will get some questions on pavement markings during the assessment, so make sure you have studied thoroughly in preparation. All the pavement markings you must be able to recognize are included on this page and like road signs, markings with similar meanings share similar attributes. You can learn more about pavement marking meanings by completing our free driver’s education course for driver’s license applicants.

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