Find out exactly which pavement markings and road signs you need to learn for the New Hampshire permit test, by checking out the information on this page! We have listed every regulatory sign, warning sign, guide sign, work zone sign and pavement marking which could come up during the NH DMV written test below, to help you get ready for the assessment. To learn more about how road signs and pavement markings work, complete our free driver’s education course for 2024 applicants. When you are ready to put your new knowledge to the test, our road signs DMV practice permit test will measure your progress using realistic permit test questions.

Road signs and pavement markings will only account for some of the questions on the DMV permit test in New Hampshire, so you will not be questioned on every sign and marking listed on this page. However, you still need to study all this material and read the information in the road signs section of the permit book, as the DMV written test will be comprised of randomly selected questions. To put it simply, you have no way of knowing which road signs and pavement markings will be addressed during the exam. Giving yourself a good chance of passing the permit test first time means committing every road sign and pavement marking on this page to memory. It may seem like a mammoth undertaking, but don’t worry, we are here to help you through it.

It is important to remember that you are not studying road signs purely to get through the NH permit test. The reason this information is addressed during the exam is that all new drivers must be able to identify road signs and pavement markings easily, while they are learning to operate a vehicle out on the road. When you first get behind the wheel, simply controlling the vehicle and managing the space around you on the road will take a great deal of effort and concentration. If you linger too long on road signs or pavement markings to work out what they mean, you could create an extremely dangerous situation for yourself and every other road user nearby. Fortunately, road signs and pavement markings are designed to be easy to read; if you can learn to understand the code of colors, shapes and symbols that make up United States road signs, you should be able to handle any road sign questions which come up during the New Hampshire DMV test, and will feel more confident when you start learning to drive.

Our NH drivers ed course contains a wealth of valuable information to help you get through the permit test and prepare for the final road skills exam. While you are learning about road signs and pavement markings, you may wish to focus your studies on the “Signs, Signals & Markings” module of our course. This chapter takes an in-depth look at road sign colors, shapes and symbols, to help you understand why certain road signs appear the way they do. Ultimately, this information will ensure you retain your new knowledge for longer and feel more confident interpreting unfamiliar signs.

Use our road signs DMV practice test for New Hampshire learners to measure your progress while you study. The DMV test questions on this quiz only address road signs and pavement markings, though we do offer several other DMV practice tests which cover rules of the road too. As our NH DMV practice permit test questions are exactly like those you will face during the real assessment, you can use them to gauge how likely you are to pass the permit test.


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