Make sure your knowledge of road signs and pavement markings is unshakeable, before attempting the 33-question MT permit test. While the MVD do not specify how many permit test questions on the exam are reserved for road signs and pavement markings, we do know that the number will be significant. All new motorists must be able to read pavement markings, warning signs, regulatory signs, guide signs and work zone signs confidently, otherwise they would cause chaos on public roads while learning to operate a vehicle. On this page, you will find a run-down of every pavement marking and road sign from each of these categories, which you must learn prior to the 2024 permit test.

Many novice drivers find the study of pavement markings and road signs for the permit test to be an intimidating and challenging task. On the face of things, it appears that there are hundreds of different road signs and markings you could be questioned on during the exam and that the only way to prepare is to memorize them all individually. In fact, this is not entirely true. United States road signs are designed using a simple code of colors, symbols, patterns and shapes, to make them easy for motorists to read quickly. If you learn to read this code, you should be able to work out the answer to any road sign question which comes up during the Montana DMV written test without having to commit every obscure road sign to memory individually. Of course, you must be able to recognize many of the most important regulatory signs, warning signs and work zone signs on sight too, as they do not always follow the same rules as the other road signs within their category. Using our free drivers ed course for Montana learners, you can immerse yourself in the “language” of road signs and find out how to read them effectively. We also look at the design of many unique, important roads signs, to find out why they stand out from the rest.

Our driver’s education course is designed to suit a range of different learning styles. You can work through it all in one hit, or over the course of several weeks. There is no limit to the number of times each module can be completed, so you are free to return to the “Signs, Signals & Markings” chapter as often as you need to in the time left before the Montana permit test. While using the drivers ed course and the road signs list on this page, we recommend taking frequent time out to test your new knowledge with our road signs practice drivers test. This Montana drivers test practice quiz features an impressive array of road signs and pavement marking questions, which closely resemble the kind of questions you will be asked during the real MVD written test. Each question will either show you an image of a road sign and ask you choose from a selection of possible meanings, or vice versa. At the end of the DMV practice permit test, you will be given the opportunity to review the answers and reattempt the quiz to improve on your grade.

As all our resources are free and continuously available, you may wish to begin your learning journey by taking the Montana driving test practice road signs quiz, to get an idea of the type of questions you will ultimately be required to answer. Do not worry if you cannot identify many road signs first time around, as your score will quickly improve with regular use of our learning tools.

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