The MD DMV permit test for new drivers contains just 25 questions, covering a combination of alcohol awareness, road rule and road sign topics. While the permit test seems relatively short and unintimidating, keep in mind that there are hundreds of possible questions which could be selected to appear on your exam. Underestimating the Maryland MVA written test would be a mistake, particularly where road signs and pavement markings are concerned. With so many different road signs to remember, students who have not prepared typically do not perform well on this portion of the test. With the information and learning tools on this page, you can make sure you know road signs and pavement markings well enough to pass the 2024 MVA permit test first time around.

Every road sign and pavement marking you must learn prior to the permit test is included in the Maryland driver’s handbook. Unfortunately, trying to find the right chapter in the handbook every time you wish to revise road signs and markings can be a bit of a pain. To make things as easy as possible, we have listed every road sign and pavement marking you must learn, right here on this page. Now, you can access road signs and pavement markings study material on your cell phone or mobile device in just a click of a button, without having to sift through an enormous manual. You will notice that our road signs are sorted into four classifications: warning signs, guide signs, work zone signs and regulatory signs. You should expect that a couple of MVA test questions targeting each of these categories will appear during the Maryland permit test.

The study of road signs for the permit test is not just about memorizing individual road signs. More than anything, you must learn to read the colors, shapes and symbols used in road signs, as they generally always mean the same thing. For example, a yellow diamond indicates an upcoming hazard, while a red, inverted triangle tells motorists that they must yield. Once you are familiar with what these colors and shapes mean, you can use this knowledge to work out the meaning of any unfamiliar road signs you encounter during the MD permit test. This may sound complicated but eventually you will be able to read the colors, shapes and symbols used in road signs as easily as you can read the words on this page. Read the “Signs, Signals & Markings” section of our Maryland drivers education course, to find out more about road sign shapes, colors and categories.

Keeping your knowledge of road signs up-to-scratch is important, even after you have passed the Maryland MVA permit test. You may be asked to sit a renewal theory test when renewing an expired license in future, which is likely to feature a large number of road sign DMV test questions. Furthermore, you must be able to recognize all the road signs and pavement markings you come across while out driving on public roads. Every second it takes to figure out what a road sign means is a second your attention is diverted away from the task of driving. To measure your current level of road sign knowledge, or brush up prior to the Maryland MVA test, try using our dedicated road signs MVA practice test. The quiz is fun, free and filled with authentic permit test questions, just like those used during the real permit test and license renewal exam!

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