All aspiring drivers in Maryland must pass the 25-question DMV permit test before they may legally begin learning to drive. This exam – which is taken at your local MVA office – covers basic driving knowledge such as rules of the road, road signs, and drug and alcohol awareness. There will be much more to learn beyond these core topics once you have earned a learner’s permit, but for now, preparing for the MVA permit test should be your focus. The resources we offer on this page are suitable for all learner drivers from Baltimore, Annapolis, Ocean City and elsewhere in Maryland, seeking to study for the permit test or get ready for their final road skills exam.

You will not have to pay a penny to take advantage of the fantastic learning tools available here on, as we do not believe in charging driver’s license applicants for access to decent resources. If you have yet to pass the initial MD learners permit test, you can get things underway by downloading a free copy of the 2024 driver’s handbook here, or directly from the MVA website. In the handbook, you will find information about road signs, pavement markings, rules of the road and traffic laws. Relying exclusively on the driving manual to study for the Maryland permit test can be a challenge, as the information it contains is extremely basic and not laid out to be an enjoyable read. To support your work with the driver’s manual, complete our free Maryland driver’s education course! The course contains all the same vital information but breaks everything down into manageable lessons which include hints, tips and useful illustrations. Prior to the initial MVA test for Maryland drivers, you should direct most of your attention to the modules dealing with alcohol and drug awareness, rules of the road and road signs, as these are the topics which will be addressed during the 25-question exam.

As road signs and pavement markings are such an important aspect of the Maryland permit test, we have taken the liberty of listing every road sign and pavement marking you may be asked about during the exam, on our road signs home page. Rather than sifting through everything in the permit book every time you wish to revise road signs, you can bookmark that page and jump straight to the information you need using your cell phone, laptop or mobile device.

To give yourself the best possible chance of passing the MVA permit test MD assessment first time, it is important to reserve some of your study time for answering realistic permit test questions, like those you will face during the exam. Otherwise, you will not know whether you have fully understood and retained the information you have been studying well enough to answer MVA test questions correctly. There are a few sample questions included in the Maryland permit book but not enough to thoroughly address everything you will have learned. So, our team have sourced real life questions from previous permit test papers and assembled them to create a range of authentic MVA practice tests. These quizzes vary in length and content, so there will be something to suit every stage of your learning journey. Your goal should not be to earn a great score right away but rather to familiarize yourself with the type of questions you will be asked during the MVA written test. As all our resources are 100% free to use, you can return to each test as many times as you like to work on your score.

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