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Another great sample exam to help you pass your DMV permit test the first time - the Connecticut traffic signals permit practice test (CT) 2020!  While traffic signals is one of the most ignored subjects, you really can't afford not studying them before paying the DMV a visit!  Sure, you know the basics: red means stop, green means go, but do you know what a flashing red means or what to do when a traffic light is out of order?  Don't worry, taking the permit practice test only takes a few minutes and once you are done, you will have the answers to these and many other questions!

We want to keep it simple and quick, and that is why this CT practice permit test on traffic signals only displays 20 questions at a time.  Don't let the number fool you, though, questions are drawn from a much larger knowledge base and they change every time you take the exam, it's like taking a new quiz every time!  All permit test questions are multiple choice and will show you the right answer immediately, you don't have to wait until the end of the test to see if you are right or wrong!

The grading system has been adopted from the real Connecticut DMV permit test, this means you need to answer at least 16 questions correctly, but we recommend that you aim much higher when you are taking this online CT permit practice test on traffic signals.  Remember, you are practicing to get better, so there is nothing to stop you from obtaining that perfect score on the practice test before you hit the DMV office!

All questions on the traffic signals quiz were verified against the Connecticut drivers manual, the same book the DMV uses for the real test.  We don't believe in "generic" tests that are good for the whole country - the permit test is different in every state and practice tests should follow the same rule. That's why we constantly monitor and update our state-specific Connecticut practice permit tests, if a new law or a new rule comes out - it instantly makes it to our practice exams!

Finally, if you have not noticed this yet - all of our practice tests are free!  Yes, that includes this CT practice permit test traffic signals quiz!  Not just a preview, not just "a few questions to get you started", but a complete practice quiz on traffic signals that will help you pass the permit test the first time! Go ahead and take the test now, then brag about it to everyone you know!