Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Here is something nobody told you before: we want you to cheat on this test! That's right, you have a carte blanche, you can do as you wish, you can use whatever study aids you can find and peek answers to these permit test questions from any source!  In fact, we will even help you with that, our free Connecticut DMV practice permit test cheat sheet is loaded with "cheats" that will guide you to the right answer without the need to search the drivers manual every time you forget something!  Cheat away with this 2020 DMV permit test cheat sheet!

If you were planning to download a CT DMV cheat sheet to your cell phone and then take it to a local DMV office with you - don't.  This has been attempted before and it's a complete waste of time.  The risks of being caught are too great, it's simply not worth it.  We are here to show you that you don't actually need to cheat on the real permit test, preparing for the exam doesn't take that long, especially if you have the right tools!  All you need is a bit of patience, 10-15 minutes of free time a day and this awesome free Connecticut permit test cheat sheet 2020!

You might have already noticed that our DMV cheat sheet is really more of a DMV practice permit test. You are right about that!  This is a CT DMV practice permit test that follows the same format the real test does!  Twenty five multiple choice questions and you need to answer no less than twenty of them to pass the exam  (of course, we recommend that you keep working on the quiz until you can answer no less than 22-23 questions correctly every time you take it, just to be safe).  What makes this free Connecticut DMV sample test great is the fact that permit test questions change every time you begin the exam!  We have accumulated over 500 questions to date and we keep adding new ones every month!  When you start the quiz, the system randomly selects 25 sample questions from the knowledge base and builds a unique practice quiz for you in  the matter of seconds!  You will never grow bored of having to go through the same questions over and over again!

"All right, enough of this "practice test" mambo jambo, teach us how to cheat!". Well, it's quite simple, really.  This practice permit test contains a number of in-built study aids or, as we call them, "cheats", and you can use them whenever you need help with a sample question.  This help can come in two ways: you can either request for more information about the question to be displayed (that's what those HINTs are), or you can simply remove two incorrect answers from the screen immediately, leaving you with just two remaining options (that's your 50/50 button).   Use either of these options on any questions you want, you can even use both of them, if you feel like it, you're in charge! And even if you choose to peek some answers in the 2020 CT DMV manual - we won't mind!  Use every permit test study guide available to you as you work on this drivers practice test!

If you want a CT learners permit practice test that is a bit more challenging, make sure to check out the permit test simulator!  Structured just like the DMV cheat sheet and drawing from the same knowledge base, it won't let you use any study aids!  Yes, that means answering all sample questions without any outside help, just like during the real Connecticut DMV written test!