Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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There are two common reasons why people choose not to study for the permit test - some blame the lack of time, others believe that the learners permit test is too easy and that their current level of skill will allow them to pass without having to spend hours going over the drivers manual and taking multiple permit practice tests.  More than a few (and this is clearly an understatement) first-time drivers license applicants go into the DMV office completely unprepared and they pay for it dearly.  Despite the fact that the CT permit test cannot be called exceptionally hard and it only features 25 questions, which is not much when you compare it to massive 50-question exams in some other states, like Florida or New Jersey, tens of thousands of people still end up failing the exam every year.   According to the Connecticut DMV, more than half of the students who walk in through the DMV doors for the first time go home empty handed, after failing the DMV test miserably.  We don't want you to repeat the mistakes made by others, so we have prepared a variety of study tools, including this free DMV practice test CT quiz, to help you prepare for the knowledge exam and pass it the first time!  Don't waste time and money on repeat visits to the DMV - get it right the first time!

This 2020 CT DMV practice test is structured very similarly to the real exam and covers the same range of topics you can expect to see at the DMV.  All sample questions on this test either come from the real written knowledge exam or were developed with the help of the official Connecticut DMV manual, the book also used by the DMV to develop questions for the real exam.  By the way, if you have not gotten around to reading the drivers handbook yet, we recommend that you drop everything else you're doing and start reading the book right away!  We admit that the book is somewhat dull and is more of a 20th century print, with black and white images of low quality, however the benefits of reading the handbook outweigh the pain of looking at it by far.  The DMV openly states that the entire exam is based on the information in that book and this makes it a perfect Connecticut permit test study guide!  So read the book and then follow up with this online DMV permit practice test for CT to polish your newly acquired skills!

The practice test is built around 20 multiple choice questions.  Every question has four answers, but only one of these answers is actually correct.  A common mistake we see among teenagers is to rush through the exam like they're being chased by a pack of wolves.  Relax and slow down, you've got plenty of time to complete the exam and you will do much better if you focus on each and every question and read through all of the provided options at least once or twice before indicating your choice!  The exam is not timed, use this to your advantage and make sure you really understand the answer you're choosing! Our CT DMV sample test will always let you know whether you are right or wrong right on the spot, if you miss a question, it will be highlighted in red and the correct answer will be displayed right next to the one you have chosen!  The practice quiz will also show you a detailed explanation for the rule covered by that question so you can learn as you go!  Don't worry about writing all these questions and explanations as you go along, you'll be able to review them once you complete the entire CT DMV practice test and get you the page with your results!

Speaking of results - we recommend that you continue working on the practice permit test until you can answer no less than 18 question correctly each and every time you take this DMV quiz (without using any study aids in the process).  This may seem like an unnecessary overkill at this point (after all, you only need to score 80% during the real exam at the DMV), but you will thank us for this later!  This DMV practice test CT exam is completely free, doesn't cost you a penny to practice as much as you need.  When you learn more than you have to, you are creating a safety cushion for yourself to lean against, so you don't have to worry about an extra question or two you fail during the real exam.   Failing the exam by a single question is a very frustrating experience, don't get yourself into that position, study now while you can!

Enjoy this free Connecticut DMV practice test (CT) 2020 and do not hesitate to give us a shout if you have any comments!  Good luck at the DMV!