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Here is one of the most common myths about the CT learners permit test - studying for the exam is hard, boring and it takes ages of your time.  Here is another one - winging the test works quite well for most of the drivers license applicants.  Do these sound familiar?  Were you thinking of winging the exam yourself?  We believe that you shouldn't and we are even going to go ahead and debunk these fallacies right now so you can save yourself some time and money later down the line.

First thing's first - winging the exam.  While it is certainly possible for someone with an above-average intellect and good understanding of the principles the driving law is built around, it is definitely not an option for the majority.  You can usually find a bunch of useless advice online, such as choosing option C whenever you don't know the answer (some students believe that this option is somehow favored by the DMV),  always going for the answer that is most detailed and other equally useless things, but this advice holds absolutely no value and will not help you do better on the real exam.  The reason why most of us won't be able to wing the exam is because we greatly overestimate our level of familiarity when it comes to traffic rules and road signs.  Everyone knows the basics of driving, everyone knows common road signs, but the CT drivers permit test goes well beyond the basics.  Drug and alcohol awareness laws, seat belt regulations, fines and penalties - these are the things you can expect to encounter on your exam (you can see what typical DMV permit test questions are like in this 2020 CT drivers permit practice test).  If you want to pass - you've got to study these things.

Here is the second myth - studying for the DMV written test takes a lot of time, you have to spend hours reading the drivers manual and you simply don't have the time for all that.  While we are not going to claim that learning all traffic rules takes 10 minutes or less, there are multiple ways you could cut down the required time investment and fit these study sessions into your busy schedule, it's just the questions of choosing the right study tools, such as this free drivers permit practice test CT quiz and other sample exams you can find on the website!  If you think that you need lengthy study sessions - you don't!  Completing this practice permit test takes 5 minutes or less, so you can take the quiz whenever you have a moment to spare - on your way to school, during your lunch break, even as you're sitting in front of the TV later in the afternoon (although we do recommend that you try and keep the level of distraction to a minimum).  Whenever you've got 5 minutes - sign into the website and complete the practice test once!  Got more time?  Complete the exam twice or choose another express practice permit test to take!  Do this as frequently as possible and these 5 minute sessions will add up to a great result!

Don't want to read the entire Connecticut permit test book?  Not a problem!  Just download a copy of the handbook and use it for reference as you are working on this CT drivers license practice test.  Whenever you miss a question, you can open the book and research the answer!  This approach is great because it means you will pick up on a lot of additional stuff while searching through the book!  You will notice that the amount of time you spend reading the book will decrease as you keep on retaking the practice test over and over again, clearly indicating that your skill level is growing!

We believe that the only guaranteed way to fail the drivers permit test is to ignore all study opportunities that you have and go into the DMV office completely unprepared.  Don't make the mistake that plagues so many first-time permit applicants, prepare for the exam with this free Connecticut drivers permit practice test (CT) 2020 and nail the test the first time around!