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At last, the final step of the way - the Connecticut permit test simulator with hundreds of free sample questions to cover everything you need to know to pass the 2020 DMV test the first time you take it!  If you have not taken our preliminary practice permit quizzes - go ahead and do so now, don't charge into this learners permit practice test until you are comfortable with other study materials on the website!  Done with those sample exam? Then welcome to the free Connecticut permit practice test (CT) Simulator 2020!

Studying with the help of this DMV test simulator is very simple.  All sample permit test questions are multiple choice, with four possible answers and only one of those answers being correct.  Just like the real CT permit test, the practice quiz has 25 questions and you need to answer no less than 20 questions correctly to pass.  Having said that, we wanted to draw your attention to the fact that this is just a minimum passing score and you are really not leaving yourself any space to maneuver if you stop studying once you reach this grade.  A single extra questions to miss and you're out of the DMV office with a failed learner's permit test paper in your hands.  We recommend that you always work on practice permit exams until your grade reaches and exceeds the 90% mark, this means answering no less than 22 sample questions correctly.  Doing so on this Connecticut practice permit test (CT) Simulator may be quite challenging, since you end up with a completely unique drivers permit practice test every time you begin the exam! That's right!  Sample permit questions are drawn randomly from our large knowledge base that contains well over 500 questions to this day, and we keep on adding more and more questions every month!  You may see an occasional question repeated once or twice if you spend countless hours on the practice quiz, but receiving the same practice test twice?  Highly unlikely!

The real 2020 DMV permit test in Connecticut does not concentrate on a single area of driving rules.  You get questions on road signs, seat belt laws, drug and alcohol awareness rules,  parking on hills, signalling and sharing the road with bicyclists and motorcycles, traffic fines and penalties...  We keep true to this trend and our online CT practice permit test has sample questions that address all of these topics!  If anything, it cover a broader scope of driving rules and road signs than the real test!  And since we want you to understand the rules of the road and not just memorize them, we supplemented many of our practice permit test questions with great images!  Not only do they help you learn faster, they make it more fun too!

Those who have already taken other drivers permit practice tests available on the website might have noticed that this free CT DMV permit test simulator does not have any of the study aids available in other practice quizzes.  The reason for this is quite simple - we are trying to keep the Simulator as close to the real DMV exam as possible and there are no study aids or cheating of any kind at the office!  If you prefer a DMV practice test that follows the same format the real test does, yet allows you to call upon study aids whenever you have issues with a question, just switch to using our interactive Connecticut DMV permit test cheat sheet!  You will receive all the benefits of the permit test simulator, yet you will still be able to cheat your way out of any trouble!

Remember, passing the permit test is easy, all it takes is a little time, dedication and this free Connecticut practice permit test (CT) simulator 2020!  Good luck!