All aspiring drivers must familiarize themselves with road signs and pavement markings before attempting to practice their driving skills on public roadways. Once you have studied rules of the road, road signs and pavement markings, you will be required to prove what you have learned by taking the 30-question Alabama DPS written test. Only when you have passed that assessment with a score of 24 correct permit test answers or more will you be awarded a learner’s permit, which makes it legal for you to learn to drive. Memorizing pavement markings and road signs for the permit test can feel like a challenge but we have made things easy for you, by including every sign and marking you will need learn, here on this page.

Every warning sign, regulatory sign, guide sign, work zone sign and pavement marking listed here has been taken directly from the 2023 Alabama driving manual. While it is undoubtedly easier to visit a single webpage to find the information you need, prospective drivers should still download a copy of the driving manual and read it thoroughly before taking the DMV permit test. Once you have familiarized yourself with the driver’s handbook, our resources can be your primary source of study material. To make sure you have everything you need to get through the permit test, we offer a free Alabama driver’s education course and a road signs DPS permit practice test, in addition to the revision material on this page.

Learning to recognize road signs and pavement markings is somewhat like learning to read a new language. While some of the more common road signs are easy to decipher on sight, you may sometimes need to work out the meaning of obscure road signs by looking at the shapes, colors and symbols they contain. No matter how hard you study, there is a chance that a road sign you are not familiar with will come up on the Alabama permit test. If this happens, your ability to answer the permit test questions correctly will depend on your knowledge of road sign colors, symbols and shapes. Even once you have passed your driver’s license exams and are accustomed to driving on public roadways, you may sometimes come across an unfamiliar road sign which you have never encountered before. Thus, understanding the language of road signs is essential.

Reading the “Signs, Signals & Markings” section of our free drivers education course for Alabama learners will help you get to grips with the language of road signs. You can get a sneak peek at what is in store right now, by scanning through the four categories of road sign listed on this page. You will see that the same colors and shapes occur frequently among road signs with similar meanings. For example, a yellow diamond generally means “warning”, while an inverted red triangle means “yield”. There are similar rules connecting the pavement markings you must learn for the Alabama DMV permit test. For example, a broken line means that traffic can merge across, whereas a solid line means that merging is forbidden.

You may already know a little about road signs and pavement markings, if you have spent a lot of time using public roadways as a passenger. Find out how far your road sign and pavement marking knowledge has to go, by completing our free road signs DMV permit practice test for Alabama applicants. Do not worry if you cannot pass the DPS practice test first time around, as it is available for free, unlimited retests!

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