It is never too soon to start getting ready for the Alabama DMV written test. All aspiring drivers from Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville and elsewhere in Alabama must pass this general knowledge permit test before they may start practicing their skills in the driver’s seat. You have a great deal to learn about rules of the road, road signs, pavement markings and alcohol awareness before you will be ready to sit the 2023 assessment. Finding reliable resources can be hard, so we have decided to make your life a whole lot easier by publishing our free driver’s education course, authentic DPS practice tests and road sign practice list, here on Now, everything you need is under one roof!

You cannot neglect any aspect of the study material if you hope to pass the Alabama permit test during your first attempt. The DMV provide very little information about the make-up of the test; we only know that it will contain 30 multiple-choice questions covering rules of the road and road signs. It is impossible to predict how many permit test questions on the exam paper will be reserved for each topic, as the DPS written test is randomly generated afresh for every applicant. You will need to be extremely well-versed in road signs and rules of the road to guarantee a pass on the assessment. To put it simply: make sure you are ready for any question the permit test may throw your way.

In the early days of your preparation for the permit test in Alabama, it is best to deal with the main topics individually. If you wish to begin by learning about road signs and pavement markings, go check out our comprehensive road signs home page. Whichever subject you choose to start with, you will need a current copy of the DMV handbook and our free driver’s ed course. The rules of the road you must learn are dispersed throughout the Alabama DMV handbook, rather than listed in one place. You should read the handbook from cover to cover at least once, then refer to the “Rules of the Road” chapter of our drivers ed course for consolidated information. The course is entirely free and can be accessed on an internet-enabled mobile device whenever and wherever you need it. So, do not worry if you have to re-read certain modules a few times over before the permit test DPS exam, to completely absorb the information they present.

You will almost certainly wish to revisit our drivers education course once you have passed the DMV permit test for Alabama drivers and are preparing to take the road skills test. During that assessment, a DPS examiner will observe you driving to make sure you can perform turns, park, drive through intersections and manage different driving environments in accordance with current safety guidelines. Our driver’s education course will teach you what those guidelines are, using pictures, step-by-step guides and helpful tips. Use the course to inform your learning as soon as you jump into the driver’s seat and you will find the DMV road skills test much easier to pass.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves if you have yet to pass the DPS written test for Alabama learners. If you are keen to get in the road, start studying with our resources today! We also offer a range of 100% free DMV permit practice tests which you can use to kick-start the learning process and measure your progress as you go along. Choose from combination road rule and road sign quizzes, or a permit practice test for Alabama learners which focuses exclusively on pavement markings and road signs.

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