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There is nothing we love more than releasing a new free practice permit test is today is the day!  Please welcome our brand-new practice quiz, with close to a hundred sample permit test questions dedicated to a single topic of traffic lights, a free West Virginia learners permit practice test (WV) 2020 on traffic signals! Get to know your lights, the arrows, making turns under the red signal, learn who has the right-of-way when the traffic lights are out and the best course of action when you hear a siren from an emergency vehicle! All these things combined in a single 2020 WV practice permit test!

Do we even need to explain how important it is to obey traffic control devices and signals you receive from police, emergency vehicles and other drivers?  Just trust us, communication and signalling is one of the most important and crucial parts of safe driving and amazingly, most students who visit the DMV to apply for their first West Virginia learners permit, choose to ignore this part of the driving rules, deeming it to be self-explanatory and common sense.  The failure rates for the permit test speak for themselves - more than half of all first-time permit test takers fail the exam on their first visit.  Don't want to be among those who failed?  Then spend a little time on preparing for the WV drivers permit test and learning your traffic signals! Don't worry, it won't take long and we have all the tools you need right here!

To those who have already gone through a few West Virginia learners permit practice tests on the website, the structure of this practice quiz won't be hold any mystery.  The practice permit test contains twenty multiple choice questions, every question has four possible answers and only one of them is correct. The DMV learners practice test is graded on the fly and the system shows you whether you answered a question correctly as soon as you pick one of the options.  Should you happen to miss a question, the practice exam will alert you to this fact and display the correct answer along with an explanation to the rule that is being discussed.  Once you get through all 20 sample questions, you will be presented with your overall score and a chance to review all of the questions you have missed.  From that page, you can either repeat the practice learners permit test once again or move on to the next quiz. 

Here is what's new: while our regular permit practice tests feature the same set of questions no matter how many times you take them, this free WV learners permit practice test on traffic signals employs a completely different tactic. The practice quiz is connected to a large pool of approximately 100 sample questions on signalling and it creates a custom quiz for you every time you access the page by randomly selecting questions from that pool.  It may sound a little complicated, but it's the result that matters and the result is a unique free practice learners permit test for WV every time!  Sure, you're bound to start encountering similar questions as you keep taking the practice permit test over and over again, but that's happen for quite a while.

While we are on the subject, let's discuss how much time you should invest into studying traffic signals with the help of this free online learners permit practice test for WV and how do you know that it is time to move on to the next practice quiz in line.   Determining your current skill level is extremely simple - if you can answer at least 18 sample questions correctly every time you take the exam, you are good to continue to the next level.  Sixteen to eighteen correct answers - we recommend that you take the practice quiz at least a few more times so your score improves.  Anything below 16 correct answers - make sure to pick up a copy of the West Virginia learners permit book and read it as you go through the practice exam. 

That's it, all you need now is a little time and dedication, there is simply no way to fail with our awesome West Virginia learners permit practice test (WV) 2020!