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In West Virginia, the DMV permit test for learner drivers features questions on rules of the road, vehicle control, driving laws, highway signs and road markings. As working with a 2019 DMV practice test WV quiz which also presents these topics on a combined exam paper is the only way to get a realistic taste of what the permit test will be like, our team have created several such mixed-question quizzes and published them for free, unlimited use here on ePermitTest.com. However, as we understand students often need self-assessment resources that target different aspects of the study material exclusively, we have also created this free West Virginia practice test signs quiz, which does not contain road rule-related permit test questions. Why not find out how well you can identify stop and yield signs, lane usage signs, exclusionary signs and other common signs today, by completing a round on this dedicated quiz?

First, let us tell you a little more about our WV road signs DMV test practice quiz so that you can get the greatest possible benefit from working it into your learning plan. If your performance on the road sign aspect of our regular road rule and road sign West Virginia DMV practice tests has been satisfactory, you may not think that working on a dedicated street signs test quiz is necessary. Let us remind you that working on a quiz which contains just a few road sign-related questions may not give you an honest picture of your proficiency in this area, as entirely different road sign questions could arise during the real DMV written test. If you want to be totally confident that your road sign knowledge will not let you down on the day of the assessment, you need to challenge it with as many different road sign questions as possible before hand. For this reason, we designed our dedicated road signs practice test.

The bottom line is that the real West Virginia permit test is randomly generated and nowhere in the DMV guidelines does it state how much of your 25-questions assessment will target road signs and road markings. You could end up with four spaces reserved for road sign questions or it could be as many as ten to 15 – there is no way to know one way or another in advance of the test. If the DMV written test practice quizzes you have been working on contain a low percentage of road sign questions but you end up with a high percentage of questions on the day, your chances of earning a learner’s permit will be substantially reduced. However, if you set aside some regular study time to work with our learners permit practice test WV signs quiz, you can be ready for any road sign-focused questions which arise during the test.

Ideally, all students should complete this practice road signs test for West Virginia drivers regularly, until they can pass it with a score of 16 correct permit test answers or above – at a minimum. If you want to be certain that road sign questions will not cause you a problem on the day of the assessment, why not keep working on the road sign practice test in pursuit of a perfect score? Applicants who feel that road signs and road markings are their weakest areas of knowledge may wish to dedicate a little more time to road sign-specific questions just to be sure they are on the right track. Should this apply to you, try working with our DMV cheat sheet road sign test when you are happy with your score here.