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Don't believe you need to study road signs for your 2019 West Virginia permit test?  Certain that all learners permit test questions are common sense? Thinking of winging the DMV exam?  Think again!  More than half of all first-time test takers fail the exam and they fail long before the actual visit, when they make a choice not to study! Don't make the same mistake, prepare for the learner's permit test with our free West Virginia road signs practice permit test (WV) 2019! Takes only five minutes to complete, saves you hours on repeat DMV visits!

There is a common misconception that road signs is the easiest part of the WV learners permit test and that you don't need to study them since most questions are self-explanatory.  This dangerous misconception is further fueled by students who happened to pass the permit test the first time they took it without spending much time on preparing for the exam.  These permit applicants tend to boast about their successes, which creates an impression that passing the permit test without studying is a common thing.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For every person who passed the DMV exam without studying, you can find ten who failed.  You don't hear about it quite as often since people are not that keen on advertising their failures.  Trust us, you don't want to make the same mistake and that is why it is so important that you spend time working on this West Virginia road signs practice permit test and other sample exams on the website.  You will thank us later!

How does this permit practice test for WV work?  It is extremely simple to use and anyone can dive right into it without having to waste time on fiddling around with the interface.  You get twenty questions on road signs, every question will present you with four possible answers.  Only one answer is correct and our interactive practice quiz will show you whether your choice is correct as soon as you pick one of the options  (yes, we hate those practice tests that make you wait until the end of the exam before displaying your score too).  The practice test is not timed, you can answer is immediately or research the answer with the help of the drivers manual, the question will stay on the page until you either choose an answer or close the page completely.   Once you are done with all sample questions, you will see your overall score and will get a chance to review any of the questions you have missed once again.

Here is the fun part - our free practice permit test for WV will present you with a new set of knowledge test questions every time.  That's right, you don't have to go over the same twenty questions over and over again.  The road signs practice test will custom build a unique exam for you every time you access the page and retake the quiz, it's like having hundreds of different permit practice tests collected at one page.  Use this feature and take the practice quiz at least a few times to make sure you cover as many different road signs as possible!  Keep practicing until you can answer at least 18 questions correctly every time!

Good luck with this free WV road signs practice permit test 2019 and don't forget to check out other sample exams for the learners permit test we have prepared for you!