Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Ding-ding, round two! (sorry we don't have an image of a pretty lady carrying a "Round 2" sign here, but you'll just have to imagine it) We hope you did absolutely awesome on the first free West Virginia learners permit practice test and are ready for new and exciting questions on road rules and road signs.  Well, here it comes, the online West Virginia practice permit test with 20 new sample questions for the 2020 knowledge test! Remember, there is no such thing as knowing too much or being over-prepared when it comes to the WV learners permit test!

This free practice permit test is absolutely awesome in its simplicity.  Twenty multiple choice questions on signs and rules, covering the subjects you can expect to see on your real exam.  Sharing the road with large trucks and emergency vehicles, driving distractions, traffic signals, pavement markings, driving on the highway, in hazardous conditions and countless questions on road signs with great images!  Yes, we fit all that into a single WV practice permit test with twenty questions! 

Couple of things we wanted to warn you about before you start working on the exam.  Every sample question on the quiz has only one correct answer.  If you believe that more than one answer fits, always go for the one that fits best.  We know that the wording used in these WV permit test questions and answers may seem somewhat ambiguous and overcomplicated, but that the wording that is commonly used by the DMV and you better start getting used to it right now if you want to pass your drivers permit test on the first visit to the office.  Some questions seem highly similar at first, but once you dig into them, you realize that those minor differences in wording lead to major differences in outcomes and results.  This kind of tricky wording is one of the methods used by the DMV to prevent one type of "cheating" during the permit test, when applicants are trying to memorize answers to sample questions instead of learning the actual rules.  Don't make the same mistake, be sure to read through and fully understand the question before you pick an answer. 

Another thing we wanted to draw your attention to is the availability of study aids for each and every question on this free West Virginia permit practice test 2020!  You might have already noticed them in the previous practice test you have taken, but let's quickly go over them once more.  Study aids were designed to assist you with complex questions, to avoid having you select random answers for driving rules you don't know, as we don't believe there is much learning value in that.  Instead of leaving this to chance, you can request for assistance from the practice test and this assistance may come in two forms - as helpful hints or as the 50/50 option.  Hints are simple - they are small bits of additional information, designed to guide you towards the right answer.  No, they will not give the answer away, but they will point in the direction you should take.  Grant you, they are subtle, but they work quite well.  The 50/50 option, on the other hand, is nothing but blunt.  Clicking on the 50/50 button will immediately get rid of half of incorrect answers for a given sample question and will leave you with a simple choice of deciding which one is right from the remaining two options.  As you work through this practice permit test WV quiz, we recommend that you always use hints first and reserve the 50/50 option as your fall-back plan. 

Enjoy our free West Virginia practice permit test (WV) 2020 and make sure to check out other learners permit practice tests we have prepared for you!