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Your secret weapon in the fight against the DMV is finally here - a free WV DMV learners permit test cheat sheet with over five hundred permit test questions and answers!  Sample questions on legal blood alcohol level, traffic violations, driving on the highway, passing, changing lanes, turning, parking on hills, speed limits, pavement markings and road signs - with great imagery, of course!  Loaded with study aids, our West Virginia DMV cheat sheet 2020 is the best tool to study the rules of the road and nail the DMV exam on your first visit!

Let's make something clear from the start - we do not condone cheating on the real learners permit test.  In fact, we believe that trying to cheat on your permit test is really not worth it - the risk of being caught is extremely high, the consequences are harsh and the amount of time it takes to set the whole thing up is equal to the amount of time it takes to prepare for the test itself.    Just consider the whole process for a moment.  First,  you have to find a good cheat sheet that is state-specific and up to date.  Most companies that specialize on WV DMV cheat sheets only offer free samples, if you want the whole thing, you will have to cough up a few bucks for it.  Once you download a pdf with this West Virginia DMV learners permit test cheat sheet to your smart phone or print it out (and you will have to get more than one, since there are over 100 real permit test questions), it is time to pay the DMV a visit.  Now, how do you imagine copying answers from the cheat sheet to the actual exam?  The learners permit test is not an open-book exam and you won't be allowed to use any outside materials, if you are observed searching your smartphone for answers or trying to copy answers from a print out, your test paper will be marked as failed and you will be expunged from the office.  And you better believe it, the clerks will watch for signs of cheating as you won't be the first person to attempt it.

In this situation, cheating on the WV learners permit test really becomes pointless.  You have higher chances of passing the DMV exam is you simply invest the time into learning the rules.  The good news is that it does not take that long, especially when you have the right tools.  Our free West Virginia DMV cheat sheet is one of the top-of-line study tools that will help you prepare for the knowledge exam as quickly as possible, wasting neither your time, nor your money!

How does online cheat sheet work?  Very simple!  Those with a sharp eye have already noticed that the DMV cheat sheet looks suspiciously similar to online learners permit practice tests and that observation is true!  Our DMV cheat sheet is really a massive free WV DMV practice test, with hundreds of 2020 permit test questions and answers.  But that's not all.  Apart from being loaded with sample knowledge test questions, the DMV cheat sheet is also built in the same format the real test is.  Twenty five multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs every time you take the exam.  At least 19 correct answers to pass the test.  All questions are multiple choice, with four possible answers each.  Wait, it get better!  While there is no excuse to cheating at the DMV, doing so on this DMV practice test is perfectly fine! In fact, we will help you with that!  Check out the integrated study aids, or "cheats", that were built into the system!  Don't be shy about using them whenever you are stuck on one of the WV learners permit test questions, that's what they are there for!

Enjoy this West Virginia DMV permit test cheat sheet 2020 and good luck at the office!