Getting your West Virginia driving license has never been easier, thanks to Here, we have listed every essential learning tool that students from Charleston, Morgantown, Huntington and every other WV city need to prepare effectively for the DMV permit test. This general knowledge assessment will present you with questions on rules of the road, pavement markings, road signs and alcohol awareness, to make sure you have learned enough about these topics to qualify for a learner’s permit. If you are serious about passing the DMV written test first time, use the resources we provide to get your study plan off to a flying start today.

“Rules of the Road” is a subject which encompasses a huge amount of information, including right-of-way, use of intersections, expressway driving, seat belt laws, passenger laws and interacting with law enforcement. Unlike road signs and pavement markings, rules of the road are spread across several chapters of the West Virginia DMV handbook. Unless you read through the entire manual, carefully, you could easily miss some important road rule information. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we have created a free driver’s education course for WV applicants which features a dedicated module on road rules. “Rules of the Road” includes every road rule you may be asked about during the permit test, in one easy-access chapter. The drivers ed course is available online for unrestricted access, so you can return to different lessons of this module as often as you need to in the weeks prior to the DMV test. It also contains a chapter titled “Signs, Signals & Markings” which goes through everything you need to know about road signs and pavement markings in detail.

Your theory education does not end with the West Virginia DMV written test. Once you have passed the permit test with a score of 19 correct permit test answers or higher, you can legally begin working on your practical driving skills behind the wheel. To do this safely, you will need to study defensive driving techniques, driver alertness, driver responsibilities, managing hazardous conditions, night-time driving and various other essential subjects. Our driver’s ed course covers all this information using plain language, step-by-step guides, images and tips. We have even included a chapter on basic vehicle maintenance, to familiarize you with the inner workings of your vehicle’s systems and ensure you can keep the car in safe working order. Passing the road skills DMV test for West Virginia learners will be your final hurdle, once you have spent six months or so learning to drive.

You may be keen to dive into all this exciting practical material but remember that your first job is passing the road rule and road sign DMV permit test. To make sure you do not overload yourself with information, we suggest focusing on the road rules and road signs sections of the driving manual and our WV driver’s ed course, until the written test is out of the way. You can also use our free WV DMV practice tests to support your work with this material and break up your study time. There are a variety of top-quality quizzes on offer here on; as a whole, they cover all the information you may need during the 2022 permit test. You can choose to work on a DMV practice test which focuses purely on road signs and markings, or a mixed-question DMV written practice test which more closely resembles the content of the real exam.

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