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Passing the Utah Class A test for a commercial driving license can be a confusing process. As this is the most advanced commercial driving license type, there are more mandatory endorsement exams associated with it than there are for Class C and Class B licenses. This is hardly surprising, passing the Class A permit test in Utah will allow you to drive some of the heaviest and most powerful commercial vehicles in the country. Class A drivers have a lot of responsibility and consequently must obtain more vehicle-specific expertise than other drivers. Let’s face it, there is bound to be more to think about when you’re behind the wheel of an enormous triple-trailer vehicle or flat-bed truck, than if you were driving a taxi.

One of the best things about passing the Class A license test in Utah is that it would also qualify you to drive vehicles from Class C and Class B, as these are considered less advanced and easier to manage. You couldn’t just decide to quit driving your tank vehicle and start driving a school bus instead though, you would need to obtain any necessary endorsements first – in this case you’d need a School Bus endorsement to fulfill the new driving role legally. Other endorsements include Tank, HazMat, Passenger, Combination Vehicle and Air Brake; each comes with its own Utah DMV test. Remember you do not have to sit them all, you select endorsements based on your chosen vehicle and driving job. It doesn’t matter if your want to change jobs in the future, you can always come back for another endorsement DMV test in Utah if you need it.

We have all the Class A drivers license practice tests you could possibly need to see you through the written examinations on this website. That includes quizzes for the Air Brake and Combination Vehicle endorsements, which are both compulsory for Class A drivers as most large commercial vehicles have these features. However, this Class A license Utah practice test is the one you need when you’re starting out. It does not contain Air Brake and Combination Vehicle questions, because it is a CDL general knowledge practice test for Utah which has been built to get you through the general knowledge DMV permit test. The exam in question is far more extensive than the individual endorsement exams, plus it is the first test you’ll need to take before you’re allowed to start taking driving lessons. Consequently, preparing for this 2020 DMV written test for Utah should be your main focus at this time, if you’re committed to becoming a commercial driver.

Across the entire state, the DMV Utah permit test is identical for Class C, Class B and Class A commercial driving students. This is quite simply because DMV test questions on this exam are relevant for all drivers, vehicles and driving occupations. We’re talking about things like basic control of your vehicle, road signs and seeing hazards, which are just as important for school bus drivers as they are for tank-truck drivers. All of this is laid out in the Utah DMV handbook so make sure you’ve got an up-to-date copy! As there is no variance in the actual exam, this DMV CDL practice test Utah quiz is also suitable for Class C, Class B and Class A commercial drivers. So, if you’re wondering whether Class C or Class B would be more appropriate for you, that’s no problem. You can still start studying with this 2020 DMV practice test for Utah!

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