Memorizing road signs and pavement markings is a great way to start getting ready for your Utah DMV permit test. Some of the questions on that assessment are guaranteed to focus on road signs and pavement markings, as all new drivers must be proficient in reading these traffic control devices before they can get on the road. To make sure you have easy access to a complete run-down of all the road signs and pavement markings which may be addressed during the permit test in Utah, we have put together a complete list of everything you need to memorize, here on

While the road signs you encounter on public roadways may seem unique, they all fall into one of four main categories based on their primary function. Regulatory signs tell road users what the rules of the road are in a certain area; warning signs inform motorists of upcoming hazards; guide signs provide information about nearby routes, locations and important facilities; work zone signs enforce special road rules around roadway construction zones. The DMV does state precisely how many road signs questions will be on the 2024 permit test, however, you can expect at least one sign from each of these four categories to be addressed. The likelihood is that most of the road sign questions on the Utah DMV written test will address regulatory signs and warning signs, as these are the two most important groups. Failing to follow the instructions given by a regulatory sign or a warning sign would likely cause a considerable and dangerous disruption to the flow of traffic.

When you spot a road sign at a distance, you can usually tell what type of road sign you are looking at without too much consideration, based on its color and shape. As you can see from the road signs list on this page, there are general color and shape themes connecting all the road signs in each category. While these design elements may seem arbitrary, they actually provide drivers with a whole lot of information about the meaning of the sign. Learning to read road sign colors and shapes will help you answer questions correctly during the Utah DMV test. Find out how, by reading the “Signs, Signals & Markings” chapter of our free driver’s education course for Utah learners. Arm yourself with this knowledge and you should be able to work out the meaning of any road signs you do not recognize, during the permit test. This module also deals with pavement markings and traffic signals, which share common themes and can be “read” in much the same way.

Completing a realistic DMV permit practice test is one of the best things you can do to ensure you earn a passing grade on the DMV test in Utah first time. In fact, you should aim to spend as much time as possible prior to the assessment working through authentic permit test questions. This will get you used to the format of the questions on the exam and make sure you can recall the road signs and pavement markings you have been studying. Most online DMV practice tests contain a combination of road rule and road sign questions, to mimic the layout of the real Utah permit test. These quizzes are useful but not ideal if you only want to focus on road signs and pavement markings. For this reason, we have created a free road signs permit practice test for Utah learners, which does not contain any road rule-related questions. Now, you can focus on applying your new-found road sign knowledge without having to by-pass tons of irrelevant road rule questions!

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