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Modern commercial vehicles above a certain size and weight are all required to be fitted with an air braking system, as it would otherwise be very difficult for drivers to control their speed. Any vehicle from the Class B and Class A categories will use this equipment, which means that applying for one of these license classes requires some specialist knowledge about air brake operation and maintenance. This is acquired through study of the Air Brakes L endorsement material in the driver’s handbook and a written endorsement exam at your local DMV test office in Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden or wherever else the facilities exist. The Utah CDL air brakes practice test on this page mirrors that permit test and can be used to guide your learning. As the DMV CDL air brakes test is not optional for Class B and Class A drivers, it should be the first assessment you take following the Utah CDL general knowledge 2020 exam. If you have earned a pass on the CDL general knowledge exam and are certain you require either a Class A or Class B commercial license, you should begin using our Utah air practice test today.

Aspiring Class B and Class A commercial drivers who have yet to take the general knowledge exam successfully should turn to our CDL general knowledge practice test for Utah learners, to get their core commercial driving knowledge in shape for that permit test. The air brake practice test and other quizzes we offer will still be here further down the line, when you are ready to move on from general knowledge. Which DMV written tests you take following the Utah CDL air brake test will depend on whether your license is set to be Class B or Class A and what sort of load you will be carrying. Class A drivers have a second mandatory endorsement exam which will be next on the list, before they can consider cargo-related permit tests. This is the Combination Vehicles DMV test, which we have recreated in our Class A license Utah practice test. If you aim to drive a standard box-truck or a tractor trailer that does not transport any special cargos like hazardous materials, liquids or passengers, you may not need any further qualifications beyond the compulsory endorsements for your class. Though rest assured that if you do aim to carry any of the above-mentioned cargos or wish to continue your training by learning to drive multiple-trailer Class A vehicles, there are free CDL practice tests to assist you in your exams here on ePermitTest.com.

So, what do you need to know about air brakes to drive an air brake-equipped vehicle? A round on our Utah CDL practice test air brakes quiz will show you what topics are targeted in the L endorsement section of the permit book and the actual permit test. Some of the knowledge covered in the study material is essential to the day-to-day operation of air brake-equipped vehicles, such as draining air tanks, proper air tank pressures, air brake operation and stopping distances. Working through questions on this Class A and Class B practice test for Utah drivers will make sure your understanding of this vital information is sufficient, so you can drive your vehicle safely. Other material covered in the guide may only come in handy on rare occasions, though you still need to know it to be prepared for all eventualities. These subjects include system components and basic air brake repair skills. You will find questions linked to these topics on our comprehensive Utah practice air test too! Why not take the quiz for a spin right now and find out what you are up against?