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Traffic signals is probably one of the most ignored parts of the drivers handbook when it comes to studying for the learners permit test.  Sure, there are only a few questions on traffic signals on the New Jersey permit test, but can you really afford to miss them?  With a passing score of 80%, we don't believe you can and our 2019 NJ traffic signals quiz is here to make sure that never happens!  With our sample exam, will never think about a flashing red signal twice and won't be dumbfounded by a non-working traffic light again!

For this NJ traffic signals practice test, we have selected a format of 20 questions, so the test can be taken quickly whenever you have five minutes to spare!  All permit test questions are multiple choice and provide you with the correct answer if you misstep and choose the wrong one, so you can learn on the go.  All questions are based on the official New Jersey drivers manual, we want you to study the right stuff, all of our practice tests are state-specific!

We know that you are probably used to it by now, but we still wanted to brag about it - this New Jersey traffic signals practice exam is absolutely free and can be taken as many times as you want, with questions being selected randomly from the database, it's just like taking a new practice test every time!