Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Here is a warm up New Jersey practice permit test for someone just setting off on the road to achieve a drivers permit.  Remember, this is just a warm up and questions will get progressively harder as you start climbing that ladder of practice permit tests we have in store for you! If you can score 90% or higher the first time you take the quiz - good job, we take our hats off, move on to the next NJ permit practice test.  Everyone else, keep working on the test until you are happy with your grade! 

There is one thing you should do before you start working on this free practice permit test for NJ and that is download a copy of the New Jersey drivers manual.  Even if you already read it once, it's still a great idea to keep it by your hand while studying these NJ DMV test questions.  And don't even try to tell us that you haven't read the book - this is really the first thing you should do!  Yes, we know the handbook is not the most exciting book out there, it's certainly no Harry Potter.  However, it is filled with useful information that will see you through the test, there is not a single permit test questions out there the book does not have an answer to.  It's no wonder the book is sometimes referred to as the New Jersey permit test study guide, it really has everything you need to pass the test the first time!  So do yourself a favor, download the book and keep in open while you are taking this 2019 New Jersey practice permit test!

The permit practice tests consists of twenty multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs.  Every question has only one correct answer, if you believe that more than one question is correct - tough luck, you have to pick one!  The test is graded on the go and you will be able to see whether you answered a question correctly immediately after making a choice.  If you miss a question on this free New Jersey practice permit test (NJ) 2019 (yes, it does happen that people miss questions from time to time), the system will show you the right answer along with a detailed explanation.  Make sure to read these explanations as they really help that information stick and you will never miss this question again.  You can also review all of your answers on the results page, once you complete the whole quiz.

This NJ practice permit test is a study tool and as such, it contains a number of study aids to help you learn quicker and to make the process a bit more like a game.  These permit test study aids are located under the "HELP ME" section, we call them HINTs and 50/50.  Hints are small helpful snippets of information you can request that will (hopefully) assist you in determining the right answer.  This should be your first choice whenever you find yourself stuck, along with the driver's manual (yes, we still want you to keep the book open while you are going through this practice permit test). The 50/50 option is more like a cheat - it hides two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with a simple choice of picking the right one out of the two remaining and drastically increasing your chances of choosing the right one.  This is your last resort for situations when you don't know the right answer, could not find it in the book, the HINT didn't help but you really, really want to score good on this online New Jersey practice permit test.  Remember, last resort, not for every day use! Don't start relying on this option too much, you won't have it at the DMV when you turn up for the real New Jersey permit test!

Now that you are familiar with all the features of this free New Jersey practice permit test (NJ) 2019, we will leave you to perfect your driving chops!  Keep practicing and you will slaughter that permit test!  Good luck!