Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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We are positive that you have taken a multiple choice question quiz before and hence don't need much explaining on how to operate this practice exam, but let us still do a quick overview, just so you know what to expect.  This is the first New Jersey practice permit test on the website and it is targeted primarily at beginners.  This does not mean that the practice permit test cannot be taken by someone who is already a bit higher on the ladder, someone who has read the NJ driving test study guide and have taken a practice quiz or two, these people should still take the quiz and simply move on to the next practice test in line if they score sufficiently high.  Everyone else should linger on the practice test a little longer and make sure to work through each and every sample question here. 

This 2019 practice permit test for NJ consists of 20 multiple choice questions.  Every question has three or four answers and only one of those answers is correct.  This is important: sometimes it may seem as if more than one answer fits and you will be tempted to select all of them.  This is incorrect and the practice quiz will not allow you to do that.  Whenever in doubt - always go for the answer that fits best, you can also use some of the provided study aids to eliminate those answers you have doubts about.  Don't worry if you happen to miss a question, whenever this happens, the practice permit test will display the right answer and provide a detailed explanation for the driving rule discussed by that particular question.  These explanations are based on the New Jersey driver's manual 2019, the same book used by the DMV for composing the real exam.  Don't worry about the extra time it takes to read these explanations: this free New Jersey practice permit test is not timed and it will even save you time on researching these driving rules with the help of the permit test study guide. 

Once you get to the end of the practice quiz, the system will show you the overall score and allow you to review any of the sample NJ driving test questions you have happened to miss once again.  Now, here is an important question: how many times should I take this NJ practice permit test 2019 before I move on to the next quiz?  While there is no single solution that fits everyone, there is a rule of thumb you could use to determine whether you are ready to proceed to the next permit practice test.  If you happen to score 90% or higher on this sample permit test - you are ready to move on.  No, this does not mean you are ready to hit your local DMV office and take the real exam, it just means that you are ready for the next practice drivers permit test, something a little more complex, a bit more challenging.  And boy, do we have some challenging practice tests for you!

If there is one thing you are going to take away from reading all this, it's the following: passing the New Jersey driving test is easy, all it takes is a little patience and the right study tools.  We have developed all the tools you need and you can access them right here, absolutely free of charge!  Take this free New Jersey practice permit test (NJ) 2019, complete every other quiz on the site and the DMV will be hard-pressed to come up with a permit test question you won't be able to answer!  Good luck!