Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Did you know that more than a half of those students who take the New Jersey permit test fail the first time? That's right, if you are sitting at the DMV right now, looking at the line of people waiting to apply for their drivers license, you can safely send every second person in that line home, they are not going to pass the permit test.  They failed the test even before they got to the DMV office, they failed the DMV permit test when they chose not to study for it.  Amazingly, a large number of students have this misconception that all permit test questions are common sense and as long as you can tell the stop sign from the yield sign, you will pass.  Well, failure rates tell us a different story! The only way to guarantee that you pass the permit test is to study for it and our online permit practice test for NJ is here to help you prepare for the exam as quickly and efficiently as possible!

This free New Jersey DMV practice test is structured very similarly to the first practice test you have taken and it features twenty multiple choice questions on road signs and road rules.  Of course, "road rules" is  very broad definition for what's covered by the DMV written test.  We have made sure to concentrate on topic that are important, subjects that always come up on the real DMV exam, such as pavement markings, traffic signals, driving distractions, sharing the road with trucks and motorcycles, using seat belts and knowing the effects drugs and alcohol have on your driving ability (you can count on having at least couple of questions that cover alcohol laws on your NJ DMV permit test). We know that you are always strapped for time and we have made sure that you can complete the DMV practice permit test quickly!  That's right, "not having time" is no longer an excuse when it comes to preparing for the DMV exam, this 2019 permit practice test for NJ can be completed in just 5 minutes! You can do this on the way to school, on your school break, on the way home or before you go to bed - the important thing is that you study as frequently as possible and don't quit until you can answer at least 18 sample questions correctly every time!

Looking for more study resources?  Grab a copy of the NJ drivers manual!  The New Jersey MVC did an amazing job with the booklet and the manual can rightfully be called the ultimate NJ permit test study guide!  You can find all DMV permit test questions and answers in that book and guess what - our NJ permit practice test 2019 is also based on the driver's handbook!  So if you are really looking for something that will give you that extra edge for your DMV visit - make the book your best friend until you nail the exam!

Keep studying, keep working on those road rules, keep browsing through road signs, keep taking this free New Jersey DMV practice test (NJ) 2019 and every other sample quiz you can find on the website!  Remember, practice makes perfect, get a perfect score on your permit test in 2019!