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Got a New Jersey permit test coming up in the morning and you haven't even started studying yet?  Drop everything else and start cramming permit test questions on this free NJ permit practice test like crazy!  It takes most people at least a week or two to learn all road rules and traffic signs that may come up during the exam, but you may try and wing it if you are lucky (let it be noted that we are against cramming and prefer students to exercise a more conservative approach to learning the rules).  Don't let us waste any more of your time - start taking this New Jersey permit practice test 2019!

Questions on the 2019 NJ DMV test can be roughly divided into two categories: signs and rules.  Of course, the definition of "road rules" is quite broad and you will have to answer questions on parking, turning, signalling, sharing the road with others, determining who has the right of way, drug and alcohol awareness and many other things.   If we were to pick a few topics you should concentrate on, we would definitely choose questions about the effects of alcohol on your driving ability, traffic fines and penalties, seat belt laws, parking and speed limits.   You will get questions on other topics too, however most of other New Jersey permit test questions are common sense and usually can be answered by anyone who's no stranger to driving.  These topics, on the other hand, require you to have in depth knowledge of the subject and you must actually memorize the numbers: speed limits, blood-alcohol content levels, etc.  Make sure you don't omit these chapters of the drivers manual before you start working on this online New Jersey practice test.

What?  Are you saying you don't have a copy of the drivers handbook and you have never read it?!  You must be out of your mind!  Go ahead and download a copy now, it is free!  No, taking free DMV practice permit tests won't replace reading the book! Yes, you still have time to go over it!  You don't have to read the whole book, just cover the chapters we already mentioned!  Go, now, come back once you have the book! And make sure you keep it open all the while you are studying these NJ permit test practice questions!

This practice permit test is structured the same way the real DMV test is - only multiple choice questions, four possible answers for each question.  Do we hear you saying that this New Jersey permit practice test has only twenty questions while the real DMV test has fifty?  Do you have time for fifty questions right now?  If you do, then switch over to our New Jersey permit test Simulator right now, it is loaded with hundreds of practice permit test questions and it follows the format of the real test to the word.  Those who were shopping for a quick practice test that does not take an hour to complete - keep working, the clock is ticking!

If you haven't figured out how to use study aids available in this practice permit test for NJ, let us walk you through them real quick.  You have a choice of requesting assistance for any permit test questions you encounter during the practice test.  The said assistance comes in two forms - we can either provide you with more details about the question - that's what those "hints" are, or we can make your life easier by removing two incorrect answers from the screen completely.  This is the job for the 50/50 button.  Now, we recommend that you try and restrain yourself to utilizing the hint button, leaving the 50/50 option for extremely hard permit test questions (and we believe that you will find virtually none of these questions to be extremely hard).  Remember that you still have the drivers manual to help you and that you should attempt to find an answer to every practice permit test question in that book, doing research like that really helps you remember the rules better!

Good luck at the DMV and we hope that cramming with this free New Jersey practice permit test (NJ) 2019 won't go to waste!