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Traffic signals is one of the most overlooked topics on the Missouri permit test.  It just seems to be so simple!  We all know what to do when we see a traffic light, don't we?  Green means go, red means stop, yellow means... Yet, there is so much more to traffic signals, something most people realize only when they get a big red "FAILED" stamp on their permit test paper.  Fortunately, our 2019 Missouri traffic signals practice permit test is here to set you straight!  Once you are done with this sample quiz, you will never have any doubts at traffic light controlled intersections!

While traffic signals are universal all across the country, we still wanted to be sure you are taking a state-specific practice test and so we ran all questions on this Missouri permit practice test on traffic signals through the official drivers manual, the same book your permit test is based upon.  The practice has twenty multiple choice interactive questions that grade you as you go through the exam and immediately show you answers for each and every question so you learn faster!  Take note: unlike regular permit practice tests that use a predefined set of questions that are presented every time, this test operates in an entirely different manner.  Every time you begin working on the exam, questions are pulled randomly from a large knowledge base and you end up with a new quiz, so don't stop working on it even if you have scored 100% the first time you took this Missouri permit practice test, it may still hold a surprise for you!

Did we mention that this MO practice permit test is completely free?  Well, here it is, we are saying it now!  A free Missouri traffic signals test for you to practice as much as you want! 

Go ahead and start working on this Missouri permit practice test (MO) 2019 right away, you'll thank us once you pass your permit test!