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Finally, a Missouri permit test cheat sheet you can rely on!  A practice permit test with hundreds of multiple choice questions that cover virtually every driving rule you need to know to pass the knowledge test the first time you take it! This Missouri DOR cheat sheet is one of the most effective study tools you can find and it is offered completely free of charge!  Passing the drivers permit test has never been easier, all you need is a bit of patience and 10-15 minutes you can spend on practicing these sample DMV permit test questions!

We know that most people who are looking for a DMV cheat sheet expect to find a magic solution that will get them through the permit exam without spending a minute on learning the actual rules.  Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for the rest of the drivers out there, it does not work this way and the chances of passing the permit test by copying answers from a permit test print out are close to none.  Of course, you don't have to be as obvious as that, you can download a Missouri DOR cheat sheet to a cell phone, conceal it in your sleeve or try to use any other way to cheat - there are hundreds of different ways to hide a cheat sheet.  However, we are here to convince you that you should not even try to cheat on the real MO DMV permit test, it's simply not worth it! The amount of time and effort it will take you to locate good permit test cheat sheets, hide them from the clerks and then locate the right answers during the test exceed the amount of time you need to learn the driving rules by far!  Seriously, all you need is 10-15 minutes a day for a week or less and you will arrive at the DOR office like a king!

This 2019 Missouri permit test cheat sheet is more like a practice permit test, rather than a printable DMV cheat sheet.  It is built upon a huge knowledge base that contains hundreds of online permit test questions and is structured the same way as the real permit test!  Every time you begin the quiz, the system randomly select 25 questions on road rules and road signs and creates a unique practice permit test just for you!  All questions are multiple choice, with four possible answers.  The interactive practice quiz is graded on the fly: as soon as you pick an answer, the practice test tells you whether you are right or wrong and should you answer a question incorrectly, highlights the right answer for you so you do not make the same mistake twice!  No need to to wait till the end of the test to find out what questions you've missed, you can learn as you proceed through the quiz!

What makes this online DMV cheat sheet different from the Missouri practice permit test Simulator, another sample exam that is structured like the real permit test?  It's the study aids or, as we prefer to call them, "cheats".  The DOR cheat sheet is loaded with helpful hints you can use whenever you want some pointers for a question.  On top of that, you can use a 50/50 button to completely remove two incorrect answers from the screen.  Finding the right answer to permit test questions has never been easier, now that you only have two options to choose from!  Play around with these study aids, you are sure to love them!