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Have an expired drivers license and need to take the Missouri drivers license renewal road sign test?  We've got you covered, with a custom-designed MO road signs test created specifically for helping you nail the recognition test! Multiple choice questions, great images of road signs, immediate grading and feedback - we have everything you can expect from the best road sign recognition test in 2020! Don't waste anymore time, dive right in and don't stop working on the quiz until you are able to answer each and every one of these written test questions correctly!

The renewal practice permit test is somewhat shorter than an average practice exam at ePermitTest.com, with just 16 questions, and there is a good reason for that.  This is exactly how many questions the real Missouri drivers license road sign recognition test sports, so why make it different?  We have even better news for those looking for exact Missouri permit test answers - these are the only questions the DOR will ever throw at you on the road sign recognition test, the exam is really that simple!  Having said this, we recommend that you check out other Missouri road sign tests on the website as well, we have created over 100 questions on road signs for the MO permit test and there is no harm in spending a few extra minutes on this quick brush up.  Go through couple of free Missouri road signs practice tests and if you see that you can answer at least 90% of questions correctly, you're all set, time to visit your local DMV office and nail the real test!  Should your grades fall below this level, we suggest that you grab yourself a copy of the Missouri drivers book (it can be downloaded on the DOR website free of charge) and study it before you continue working on these drivers license practice tests.  Once you've gone through the book at least once, come back to these sample permit test questions and watch your grades improve on the fly!

All 16 questions on this free Missouri drivers license renewal test are multiple choice, all of them have images of Missouri road signs to help you memorize them faster.  Every question comes with four possible answers, yet only one of the answers is correct.  If you are struggling with a question, don't hesitate to use one of the available study aids - hide two incorrect answers from the screen with the 50/50 button or request for a helpful hint to be displayed.  You can even do both - our MO drivers license renewal road signs test will let you do that!  Once you've gone through the driving practice test this way once or twice, try to complete it without any outside help and make sure that you can answer each one of these questions correctly.

Good luck at your local DOR office and don't forget to share this free Missouri drivers license road sign recognition test (MO) 2020 on Twitter and Facebook if you have enjoyed it!